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Happy New Year! (and Happy 15th week of gestation) January 1, 2009

Good Morning and Happy New Year!

We had a GREAT New Year’s eve and New Year and new year’s day so far!  It was beautiful, relaxing and fun.  We started off by packing and then went to the ferry with a little time to spare.  After waiting for Mike to arrive (which he did with 2 minutes to the ferry arriving), we lined up with another 15 people and all their luggage and waited excitedly to get on.  Cockatoo Island was in plain sight and a 3 minute ferry ride away.

Alas – the ferry was full!  At this point with one car and a LOT of stuff, all the roads in Balmain closed (it was just after 3pm), we were kinda stuck.  We figured the next ferry would be just as full so it would be tricky to get there..  So close yet so far.    I phoned all the water taxis and alas, all booked out.  After a half hour wait with really no options luckily some others on the wharf with us managed to get a water taxi to arrive and we amazingly managed to cram 14 people with a lot of luggage onto a little yellow boat…  I wish I’d taken a photo but with really no room to fiddle around it didn’t happen.  But we made it!!!

We got to the island, found a spot for our tents and set up camp.  Then got a nice grassy spot overlooking the harbour bridge and right out in front of the mid-river barge, got the food, table and chairs out and settled in for the afternoon/evening.

And it was lovely! Lots of food, fireworks, chats but generally a very relaxed way to bring in the new year.  There were a lot of families around, and there was heaps of space for everyone to spread out as much as they liked.  The fireworks were amazing, with lots of lights up close and far away.  We were so close to the barge that we were getting black specks from the fireworks all over us.  Your dad wanted to know what you thought of it all – it was really really loud. We figured you could definitely hear it in there.  Hope it was fun and not too scarey!

Anyway, tired and watching series one of Dr Who with your dad.

love you


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3 Responses to “Happy New Year! (and Happy 15th week of gestation)”

  1. Grandma Says:

    Oh speck! You n I n your Mum n Dad… we all had a fabulous New Year’s Eve.
    It must have been the moon. Over Kangaroo Point here th moon hung, orange=lemon n dangling from a bright star (Venus?) as if ordered in by the fortune tellers who predict auspicious beginnings every year for all of us humans. The fireworks had finished , still the boats strung with coloured lights were streaming back home across the dark river. Across the river surface there were dark widening wakes tipped with silver spreading, n the chinking sounds of people laughing across water n slavering old derelicts on the heights relaxing into sagging lines on their winey faces on a forgiving night in an uncertain life line n children fingering the air blooming with watery scents n howling with rage at sore feet n the exhaustion of excitement. N inside your womb your little fingertips are furling and unfurling waiting to touch it all.
    Love Grandma

  2. aunt3 Says:

    dear speck. i am chucking a sickie today because work is crap. lucky you you’re on holiday for at least 6 months and then about another 5 years. new years looks amazing, next year you’ll actaully be able to see it! crazy thought. its really not that far away! so anyway, i’l be visiting you in a few weeks anyway so make sure your mum and dad have some baked falafels waiting for my arrival :P. make sure you do some growing down there as well. love aunt3 xx

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