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my baby is 4 months old!! Friday napping. And on sleep in general. November 4, 2011

Little Luna, or Boona or Boo Boo as we affectionately call her, is now four months old.


How time flies.


She is having a nap.  So cute.

the sleeping babe: friday nap-time


On my side, I’ve been noticing the effects of a cumulative lack-of-sleep and breastfeeding multiple times in the night for the past four months.  Most particularly:

  • bruises all over my body.  I seem to have a lack of spatial awareness and co-ordination.  Which means I just run into things all the time.  At speed.  So I am black and blue.  I’m at one large bruise a day at the moment….
  • inability to control my facial muscles, particularly around my mouth, when talking sometimes.  Like, they just go a bit crazy on their own.  As if I were going to cry or something, in the middle of a normal conversation.  I get odd looks from the people I’m talking to.  Weird.   I hope this one disappears soon…

But on the positive side, Luna is well over the 100% percentile for weight, which is awesome as O is still off the other end of the scale.  So at least I have one fat little dumpling.  Yay.  And she slept through the night for three nights in a row – from 6:30 pm to 4:30 am this Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, before reverting on Wednesday and last night to a single feed at 2:30 and then another at 6:30 am.  WIN!  I’m hoping that this is the start of a new period which lasts for at least a few weeks!!


This is my life.  Feeding, sleeping, eating, watching, learning and trying to rest in-between.


But the rewards are big.  Look at this beautiful girl!!


Luna playing. Our little boomba.



bottles and jars November 3, 2011

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I’ve been on a cooking spree again recently. And to divert myself from the sweetness of baked goods and icecream, I’ve been venturing out to explore preserving and pickling.

We freeze a lot of pantry staples that I’d prefer to make myself rather than buy: stock, pesto, sometimes reduced tomatoes etc. And they taste 1000% times better than anything you buy at the store. But freezer space is limited, despite my having rushed out in the heat of a pregnancy-induced-buying frenzy and buying a stand-up freezer to replace our spare fridge about 6 months ago when I was 2 months from giving birth. Also, as the little O still needs to eat dinner pretty much bang-on 5pm otherwise nothing gets eaten and chaos descends, we often find ourselves putting together meals a lot more hastily than previously. So we have resorted to buying and using more frequently store-bought pasta sauce etc which we bulk-out with vegetables etc. I’d rather be using OUR pasta sauce.

So. I’ve decided to try to ‘can’ a bunch of things using the pressure cooker and jars. But, and this is where you come in, we don’t have many jars. So in the interests of feeding my family and you perhaps getting a bottle or two of yummy home-cooked goodies in jars, if you’re in the Brisvegas vicinity can you please collect any glass jars that you use with their lids (I’ll buy new sterile lids but need the old ones to get the size right) and keep them for me??

I’ll do pickups!!! Thanks!