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Meat March 11, 2014

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Me: “What do you want for lunch today.”
L: “Meat.”
Me: “What kind of meat?”
L: “Dead meat.”


Momma. Honestly we don’t usually eat alive meat!


Haircuts … November 12, 2013

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Tres cute if I do say so myself…




Ekka Time August 14, 2013

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It’s the time of the Royal Agricultural Exhibition, or Ekka as it’s known.

We haven’t taken the kids so far, cause it is typically busy and a bit full-on, but the lure of the baby animal nursery, where there are hundreds of little animals in an enclosure won out: you can walk right in and feed, pat and generally get close to them.

So C took the morning off work and with his rules of “no carnies, no show bags”, we ventured forth.

And it was fun!


The kids got initiated into the famous Ekka strawberry icecreams…



A little rest May 2, 2013

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Little Miss L is a bit under the weather.


But happy she has dogs on her jarmies.


New household members April 19, 2013

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Our new household members arrived last night.

Our kindy/daycare ran a hatching program for all the kids to see and we have adopted four.

You have never seen two more excited children when they arrived home last night. And this morning the excitement is still palpable.

Here’s hoping we didn’t get any roosters!




Icecream Thursday April 7, 2013

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On the way to Quinn’s birthday party. Dad says,

“what are you guys going to do for your birthdays?”

Me: “I’m going to have an icecream sundae party”

A few minutes pass in silence while Oscar contemplates the question.

Oscar: “I’m going to have an icecream Thursday party!”

Of course!



Another Monday, another trip to the museum February 4, 2013

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O overcame his fear of the animatronic dinosaur exhibit at the museum today so we finally had a good look (third time lucky)!


Luna was unfazed.


Christmas … food planning November 30, 2012

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so it is the 30th of November.


I have one exam to go then I’m finished with university (for the moment)!  Yay.


My mind is already turning to when I’ll have oodles of spare time (comparatively).   Or at least less brain-consuming-should-be-studying-worrisome spare time and more what-the-heck-do-whatever-you-want spare time.


I got to work this morning and decided that I needed to capture some information about the Christmas food plans in my head.  So I started a board on pinterest.  Thinking I had heaps to add.


And ended up with 3 dessert/sweet items.    Oh, just thought of another.   Make that four.




Thoughts and suggestions welcome!


What are you looking forward to eating/cooking?


The only thing that stops the baddies… November 21, 2012

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mum, the only thing that stops the baddies making loud noises is TV

Mmm. A new bedtime ploy.



Busted – burgers and chips August 14, 2012

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Arriving home on Sunday afternoon after spending the day at the office working on an assignment, I noticed little O was drinking a juice that we hadn’t had in the house that morning.


I’d already asked C what they’d got up to that day whilst I was gone, and he had said, “not much, just mooched about”…


But little O set me straight:

Me: “Did you go shopping today & get a juice?”

O: “Yes, see!”

Me: “Where did you go shopping?”

O: “To the shop that sells burgers and chips.

Cue lots of laughing and sheepish looks from C.