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Something to celebrate (but not the election). August 22, 2010

Celebration today!

Sleep, glorious sleep.  ….

Yes, the getting you back into sleeping through the night effort has paid off.  Your dad and I had a lovely sleep all through the night last night (and the night before would have been great except for the rowdy neighbours who decided to have a singalong to 80’s tunes at 3am until your Aunty Reeg went outside wrapped in a towel and told them to pipe down as “don’t you know there is a baby living here” – she said it was friends of theirs rather than the actual neighbours, who we get on with well but were no-where to be seen)!  Two nights in a row you’ve made it through from 7pm to 7am again without a peep.

Without a peep!!  And so, the disappointment and disillusionment I feel (more…)


sleeping through the night? not yet? August 19, 2010

Hi Little Poogie,

you are fast asleep in your cot and I wish I were sleeping too.  We had night three (I thought night four but your dad thinks night three, he is probably right as I’m starting to not be able to think straight) of trying to get you back to sleeping right on through the night again after a period of not doing so (yes, it was a one-off that night).

And gee, I’m sure it was easier when you were a bit younger.  Now your fighting / resistance skills have increased.

Day one was fine.  You woke up at 2am, I gave you a cuddle and a bit of a walk, calmed you down and you went back in your cot and back to sleep until 7am.

The next night you woke at 2:30 am and then stayed awake until 4:15, fighting sleep.

Same last night.

Me, a bit of a jumbling, crazy person who can’t quite think straight today.

you, tired.  You were more intent on eating the floating toy duck at swimming lessons today than actually swimming.


this better work.



Level of understanding – babies ‘get’ a lot more than I give them credit for August 11, 2010


So. Last night. I was ready to go to uni and was just giving you a breastfeed before running out the door. You’re totally used to the night-time routine, so you knew what was going on. Sometimes if I’m too slow (running behind schedule), you come into the bedroom and get on the bed and tell me, “boobie, boobie, boobie” with your sign language to let me know that it is time for boobie. And then when you’re done sometimes you let me know that you’re ready for the next step (going to Daddy to say goodnight), by signing “Daddy” and saying “DaDa” then signing “Goodbye” (waving). So you’re totally on-top-of-it generally. But last night just blew me away. (more…)


Hanging out the nappies (diapers) with Special Bonus: Sandcastles – Movie Monday August 9, 2010

See! Cloth nappies / diapers really aren’t that much effort at all – especially when you have help! (more…)


Holidays August 5, 2010

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Holidays are good…

In the car with Aunty Gretta

In the car with Aunty Gretta

Sandcastles are always awesome


Naked in the sandpit. August 4, 2010

I’d post a photo but I didn’t get one. Just a quick note to say that you are absolutely LOVING the new sandpit that G,K,F&L gave you for your birthday. And after a trip to IKEA on the weekend (which reminded me why we only ever go once a year), I finally remembered to buy you some buckets and spades and the like, and it is now even better.

Yesterday the weather was again glorious. A bit of a cold nip in the wind, perhaps, but in the sun at least 20 degrees (celcius). So plenty warm. Pretty good for mid-winter.

Anyway, your Grandma K came over to see you and you both had a lovely play down there in the garden (while I, joy of joys, worked on my statistics assignment.. yes, I went back to uni about 3 months ago, did I mention that yet?). Anyway, we stripped you down to your bare skin so you could (more…)