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Rooooarrrr. Ack Ack. – Movie Monday March 29, 2010

I wrote about your new efforts at communication last week. (more…)


Nine more sleeps… Until your first Easter. And you know what easter brings? March 26, 2010

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Yes, that is right everybody!

Easter brings EASTER EGGS!!!  And every child should get some from the Easter Bunny, else it just wouldn’t be fair now, would it.  And I know I’m already trying to teach you that life just isn’t always fair, but in some things we should strive for it to be fair.  And receiving Easter Eggs is one of those things  (another thing you’re going to have to learn is that your mother is a hypocrite and often contradicts herself.  Especially if chocolate is involved).

I’m thinking that you’re really going to love to get: (more…)


Reminiscing – are you that old already?? (and breastfeeding while looking at soft porn) March 25, 2010

Dear Poogie,

I read a post today by my blogging friend over at Pretty Little Stitches about people’s responses to her breastfeeding in public and a photo of herself breastfeeding in a gorgeous knit sweater she craftily made (jealous of the skills!)… And I went to write back a comment and got to thinking about an experience I had when you were a newly born little bundle.  So I thought I’d share it.  I seem to have been reminiscing a little over the past week or so about ‘when you were little’.  You’ve hit the nine month mark this week, and it just feels like yesterday that you were born, but also so long ago at the same time.  I’ve spent a bit of time reading over my old posts from June and August 2009 when you were fresh, and re-living the feelings I had.  They are almost tangible, and definitely tasteable when I re-read them.  Glad I’ve written some of it down to you via this blog.  But the story: (more…)


Roaring like a lion… and quacking like a duck. March 21, 2010

Dear Zoo book Communication is definitely the name of the game at the moment.

You’ve been roaring like a lion for weeks. It stems from your two favourite books of the moment:

Dear Zoo, by Rod Campbell and



Waving goodbye. And a bit of crying… – Movie Monday March 15, 2010

Hello Poogie,

your new trick for this week is improved communication.

We now definitely have “Mama”, “Dada”, “there” and that’s about it verbally that we can make out. But this weekend you added three hand movements: (more…)


I nearly cried today. March 11, 2010

crawling babyI nearly cried today with happiness. Watching you at the State Library’s Kid’s Corner for Thursday’s sing-a-long rhyme and kids songs. You just LOVED IT and you had a look of pure joy on your face.

We’ve been before when you were younger but today was just amazing. A first for the level of your interaction and watchfulness and awareness of other kids and yourself as one of them, and of your ability to explore and enjoy in a self-directed way. It was just beautiful for me to watch. (more…)


Ten years ago today… March 10, 2010

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Ten years ago today I was young, carefree and needed to go dancing.  Did you know I liked to dance?

Picture a dimly lit nightclub with lots of strobe lights, loud pumping house music and lots of people.  A UK DJ playing a banging set. Me, in there somewhere with S, out for a dance.  Dancing ensued. Lots of dancing, laughing, talking, dancing.

2am rolled around and (more…)


Laugh your ass off Mark II (activities for children) – Movie Monday March 8, 2010

Hi Poogie,

You’ve taken the Laugh Your Ass Off Game to a whole new level.  You are regaling us with fits of laughter daily.  I managed to get this one on camera – it was just after you woke up from a nap.

This week it was laughing your ass off with dad…



Age-progressing software: you in 30+ years March 6, 2010

Ageing progression

A digitally generated image of what you may look like in 30+ years…

Really? Well, you, your dad and I went to the Gallery of Modern Art down the road today to see the Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art exhibition (or as much of it as we could in the about an hour we have between sleeps and eats with you). (more…)


you know the mother with the screaming child in the shopping center… March 5, 2010

Picture a SCREAMING child being pushed in a stroller around the suburban shopping center by a very harrassed and wild-haired looking mother. Wayward glances from strangers (some sympathetic – most, a few judgemental) as the loud stroller starts to go in indiscriminately crazy loops and the mother’s breathing increasingly becomes jagged as she initially tries to continue shopping (but is in reality just pushing the stroller round the same old stands of generic boring clothing with an increasing fervour while not actually seeing any of the clothes at all) and she struggles to retain any sense of composure and “I’m the parent & I’m in control” feeling before fleeing for the closest exit with the wailing trailing down the escalators to follow her out into the heat of the carpark.

That was us this afternoon.

After another night of sleeplessness and random feeding, I for some reason decided that today was the day to go to the shopping center to try to find some clothes that fit me.

What the hell was I thinking? (more…)