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Roaring like a lion… and quacking like a duck. March 21, 2010

Dear Zoo book Communication is definitely the name of the game at the moment.

You’ve been roaring like a lion for weeks. It stems from your two favourite books of the moment:

Dear Zoo, by Rod Campbell and

That’s not my lion.

You love reading books, and these two are firm favourites.  I can start reading them out loud across the room from you and you’ll crawl over to me, sit down and watch and touch and join in.  No matter how much fun you were having doing whatever it was before I started reading.

Roaring Like a Lion

Both books feature lions and touchy-feely pages with big thick board that you can’t rip or destroy (yet – though I’m sure you’ll manage it somehow soon).  So your Lion growling has become a party trick that you perform in the house.  Not only when reading the books, but anytime you want to impress a visitor…

…and quacking like a duck

Also a new favourite word is ‘quack, quack’.  We do the “Old MacDonald” song, and just general animal noises, and with your rubber ducks you try to say ‘quack, quack’.  It comes out more like ‘ack, ack’, but we know you’re trying.

Trying so hard to communicate.  You’re really just imitating everything,  we’ve even got a few repeated “wow”s out of you when we’ve exclaimed at something you’ve got or done.

So cute.

We’re listening hard, buddy. Keep it up.

love mum

ps. we still try to baby-sign to you a little.  Now you’ve learned to wave I’ve been reinspired that you will pick up the signs.  Can’t wait until the first one apart from pointing and waving….


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