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Camping. Well, glamping. In a new tent. Hurrah. January 13, 2012

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One of the first things we did after meeting (nearly 12 years ago now) was to go camping.

And one of our first purchases together was a tent.  We spent hours choosing a tent together.

I remember the occasion like it was yesterday.


I wanted a tent that would have enough room in the front vestibule that you could cook a meal, sit on the ground and hang-out if it just poured for the days you were camping.  Chris wanted a tent that you could almost/mostly stand up in.  We had very limited funds.  And no car: so whatever camping we were doing was by public transport or the generosity of friends.


Our first trip we lugged the new tent across to Stradbroke Island from our house: walk, train, bus, ferry, bus, walk.   It was a brilliant trip.


And it has been a brilliant tent that has served us really well.  For almost 12 years.  In rain, it was big enough to hang out in the front and cook and play cards.  I think we even managed to squeeze 6 of us in for a card game one rainy trip.  Without getting wet bums.  You could mostly stand up inside.

And it has stood the test of innumerable camping trips: beaches, mountains, raining, really raining, sunny, torrentially raining, sandy, muddy, festival-ly, across the harbour in choppy water in a very overcrowded boat

old tent – camping with friends NY 2008-2009


the old tent in action on cockatoo island, new year 2008-2009

But last time we went camping it seemed that for a growing family of four, things were a little tight.  Tight like waking up with a sleep-moving toddler draped across your face.


So we’ve upgraded.  After a lot of thought, we decided we wanted a tent with lots of room, that would still fit a standard national park / camping ground campsite size, and that would have a separate sleeping/eating-playing-whatever-when-it-is-raining area in…

the new tent.

And the test-drive was good.  Nice trip for a few days, “glamping” at Lake Moogerah with a Grandma and a Barry close by in a shed.  Good relaxing.

relaxing out front of the new tent.

Not sure that it will stand up that well in a really wet camp (we opted for size and configuration over our second-choice tent which was much better quality).. But hey, that just makes for a better camping story. Right?

P.S. If you are looking for a new family tent, I’ve done my research… For reference, we got the oztrail sportiva lodge combo but there were a few more we really liked too 🙂


2 Responses to “Camping. Well, glamping. In a new tent. Hurrah.”

  1. Lindy Says:

    Nice!! We went all out last year and bought a 3 room tent, all the gear and a brand new 4WD, going away for another adventure next week.

  2. Wiehan Says:

    Hi There
    On the whole internet I can find only one review of the Oztrail Lodge that gives me an idea on what to buy. Do you guys use it often. I have a few questions, is it windproof and have you used the tent during rain? Your opinion will be appreciated.
    wiehan [at] lantic [dot] net
    Aliwal North, South Africa

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