i'm pregnant and it's going to be a rollercoaster

Bad parent of the day award: Dad February 27, 2011

Wed. 5.15 pm.


The first day of our new routine where your Dad has the car on Wednesdays so is responsible for dropping off and picking you up at daycare.


I am suffering baby withdrawal, having not seen you all day and being at home working solidly since 7:45 am.  So I text your dad.


He phones back, happy.

“Just had a great meeting, finishing up now, am in xxx Outer Suburb xxx, on my way home, won’t be too long….”

“Ah, but you have Oscar, right??? “.

“Oh shit.”

Thankfully your grandma K wasn’t too far away as it was too late for me to walk/bus to get you, and she managed to get there just before they closed (we’re not at a long daycare anymore), along with your dad who I have no doubt picked up at least 3 speeding tickets on the way.


And was rather sheepish for the rest of the night.


Bad parent of the day award: yes, your Dad, for forgetting to pick you up on the first day he had to! (I mean, I could understand after a busy day a few weeks into a routine, but on the first day???!!!).


love you,



P.S.  You were of course fine, and oblivious to the whole thing.  But your dad felt pretty bad about the whole affair, so I had to let a few days pass before sharing the story.


Things to do with great eggs (and passionfruit): #2 Passionfruit Icecream February 26, 2011



So one of the bonuses of living in a city where it rained for three months straight and then suffered the worst flood in 30 years is that everything we planted in the garden this year has thrived.   We bought two passionfruit seedlings about a year ago, and put them in to run up our back stairs and back deck railing.   And they have just thrived.  We previously had one there but moving away from the house for a few years the poor plant just didn’t make it without the loving care and attention (water and food) we gave it, so was just a broken bunch of sticks when we moved back in two years ago (has it been that long already!?).  I recall however that it did take more than one season to fruit when we have previously planted passionfruit.  Not this time. (more…)


Things to do with great eggs: #1 Creme Caramel February 19, 2011

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Simple, good, eggy (almost two a day from our new extended family).

fresh creme caramel

This is of course so that I can eat enough protein when pregnant.  Not just because my savoury-tooth switched entirely to a sweet-tooth when I was first pregnant and has got even more sweetly-pronounced the second time around. (more…)


Was that “duck”????… Bad parent of the day award February 16, 2011

This week you’ve started to talk in whole sentences.  Like,

“The bird is in the sky. Up there.”

And the like.  And in addition to using your own sentences, you’ve decided to repeat verbatim what other people say to you, back to them:

“Let’s go eat now”; “Lets feed the chickens”; “I like eggs”….

So today I was pulling out of our street into the busy road on the way to drop you (O) at daycare when someone nearly hit me…  I swerved and said,

“Fuck.  Stupid asshole.  Did you see that, they almost hit us.”

Can you see where this is going???..




You proceeded to babble in the back about “ducks” with a certain inflection in your voice the rest of the way to daycare.

Nice one mum.

P.S. Yes, we have instituted the swear jar, as I’ve written about before. But at present the rules are that it only applies once you walk in the front door.  With the unspoken proviso that both your Dad and I try to adhere to it around you at most times….   But as I’ve also said before that I think I have contributed the most to the about $150 we’ve collected so far..


Dear Baby: Kick, kick, kicking away. February 15, 2011

Dear Baby,

So, I’m now 22 weeks pregnant, and all is going well.

I feel kinda guilty about not writing more about this pregnancy on the blog – sharing more intimately what is going on, as I did last time.

But for some reason I just feel more at peace with the whole process, and for some reason, a little more private about it all too.  Just like it is a calm and peaceful journey that we are going on right now, and that we are getting to know each other quietly while you’re growing, moving and kicking around down in my slowly-expanding belly.

You feel to me like a different baby than your brother.  I can’t put my finger quite on how or why or what is different, it is just a different feeling.

Common to last time, I have a renewed vigour for food and all things edible.  Last week your dad was out for a meeting one night and wasn’t going to be back for dinner but I had a hankering for a nice meal, so I cooked myself a two course meal that I had a craving for.  It took 4 hours to cook, in between looking after and playing with your brother, getting him fed and bathed and to bed, but it was well worth it… (more…)


A memorable trip…. with sausage and prunes but no playdoh. February 10, 2011


I’ve lots to write but little time. Life is a bit of a blur at the moment. One needs time to make icecream and other savoury snacks to fulfill the pregnant urges (more on that another day). Oh yeah, and work fits in there somewhere too.

A snippet from last week.

The plane trip from hell….

We took a trip to Melbourne for an extra-long weekend.  It was awesome overall, which I’ll get to in another post.  But today, a bit about the flight, sausages, prunes and playdoh… (more…)


Announcing the new arrivals at our house: Chicken 1 and Chicken 2 February 3, 2011


Well, I’ve been wanting to have chickens again for a few years, and now that we are definitely firmly ensconced back in our house in Brisvegas with another child on the way (and thus no move in sight for the short to medium forseeable future), it seemed a good time.

And fortunately the argument about whether I would actually look after them or not ended with me saying that we will always be able to ‘give them back’ if it doesn’t work out (as they are a lovely gift from some friends who are slightly over-chickened at the moment AND happened to have a spare chicken coop).

preparing the chicken coop for the new arrivals…

Yay!!! (more…)