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Bad parent of the day award: Dad February 27, 2011

Wed. 5.15 pm.


The first day of our new routine where your Dad has the car on Wednesdays so is responsible for dropping off and picking you up at daycare.


I am suffering baby withdrawal, having not seen you all day and being at home working solidly since 7:45 am.  So I text your dad.


He phones back, happy.

“Just had a great meeting, finishing up now, am in xxx Outer Suburb xxx, on my way home, won’t be too long….”

“Ah, but you have Oscar, right??? “.

“Oh shit.”

Thankfully your grandma K wasn’t too far away as it was too late for me to walk/bus to get you, and she managed to get there just before they closed (we’re not at a long daycare anymore), along with your dad who I have no doubt picked up at least 3 speeding tickets on the way.


And was rather sheepish for the rest of the night.


Bad parent of the day award: yes, your Dad, for forgetting to pick you up on the first day he had to! (I mean, I could understand after a busy day a few weeks into a routine, but on the first day???!!!).


love you,



P.S.  You were of course fine, and oblivious to the whole thing.  But your dad felt pretty bad about the whole affair, so I had to let a few days pass before sharing the story.