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Today was your first day at childcare. And I cried again. :) June 30, 2010

Dear Poogie,

Today was your first day of childcare. I was nervous, nervous, nervous Nellie. For no specific big reason. But for many small reasons. Happy and sad at the same time. I thought I was good with it all (mostly) until I left the centre. And realised that this is the first time I’ve ever left you in the care of total strangers. Yes, I’ve left you lots of times before. But never with someone who isn’t family, or good friends, who I trust and know well enough to be able to understand how they’ll look after you.

And I cried. Yes, I cried. Thankfully work was a bit busy this morning so I had something to take my mind off it. And your Aunt3 (G) came with me when I dropped you off, so I had someone to give a big hug to as I cried. Real tears, for a few minutes.

Yes, yes, I did all the right things before hand. (more…)


Birthday Madness! June 23, 2010

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It was all a bit crazy, but you and I celebrated our respective birthdays in style over the weekend.

My Birthday Highlights

Me – we tried out the Weerider baby bike seat. There is a story there about how I got it onto the bike, following digging it out but I’ll save that for another time… The good news is that I got it on the bike, you got your helmet on, and we were off. The highlight of my birthday was zooming on the bike with you in front of me: down to the university duck pond, over the bridge and the river with the wind in our hair. You and I both screaming out WOOO HOOO as we gathered speed! Didn’t quite have time to (more…)


Bike Maintenance by a baby June 18, 2010

So in the spirit of adventure, I bought myself a new baby seat for my bike for my upcoming birthday. Your lovely Aunt C lugged it all the way back from New York with her..

Yes, it is a bit of a present for you too, as you’re obviously the one who will sit in it for the moment, but really it’s so I can have some bike freedom back! And your neck is now strong enough for safe riding as it will hold a helmet well without strain.

It’s a Wee Rider .. Which I spent a lot of time choosing but really who knows until you try it, right? So more on how it goes later.

Because before I can get you into the seat and we can pedal off into the horizon to explore the world to our heart’s content, we need to get it onto the bike and feel safe. (more…)


Exploring the wild… June 17, 2010

So, one of the things you’re really getting into at the moment is exploring the wild places in life. Like our back garden.

exploring the garden

exploring the garden

Which is all great fun. You’ve mostly stopped putting absolutely everything into your mouth all the time (now it is just most things about 20% of the time), so I feel more (more…)


Time is flying by… June 15, 2010

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The days fly by and this week there are a few big milestones occurring.  And I realise I haven’t even blogged about some of the huge events and changes that have taken place over the past few months.  So I’m just gonna write a list and get back to them in detail if I ever find the time.

A few rather large developments have occurred in our house and your life over the past few months:

  1. I started work about 7 weeks ago now.  It deserves a few posts – it’s a big decision and is a balancing act!
  2. You started getting looked after by your Aunt R1 two days a week while I work about 7 weeks ago.  You love it!
  3. You started talking a little bit: dog, stuck, truck, da da.  mumma (but this seems to signify that you’re hungry rather than me!)
  4. I started back at uni doing one subject for this semester.  AAAAGHH!

All of these things have resulted in (more…)


Stradbroke Island – the pictorial June 8, 2010

Lovely lovely lovely.

an early rise on Saturday morning:

dawn - baby tracks in the sand

dawn – baby tracks in the sand

you enjoyed exploring and eating: (more…)


Beach Trip June 6, 2010

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It’s confirmed. You love the beach. I love the beach. Your dad loves the beach. We all love the beach.

Thank you little Poogie for an absolutely amazing, wonderful weekend at the beach.

I’m tired, happy and ready for another week. You rollicked your way through the weekend while we camped, crawling about in the dark and exploring while we set up the tent when we arrived, shivering but squealing with glee in the warm water / cold wind, enjoying long walks on the beach in your baby backpack… Eating sand-dunked croissants with your dad for breakfast. Building a sand castle.

Your first trip to Stradbroke Island.

Photos to come.

love you


a typical day… June 3, 2010

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Wake up.

No, rewind. I already did that at 2:30 am. For some reason you awoke early last night and just woudn’t settle again. Your dad walked you around and put you back to bed. More upset noises. So you had some boobie and finally went back down at 3:30 am.

So yes, when I woke up at 7:00 am and your dad brought you in for your morning boobie, I was a bit tired.

8:00 am breakfast. You got sick of yours (toast with avocado) and decided you were much more into my breakfast (muesli with yoghurt).

8:20 am I gave up and just gave you mine on a big metal spoon (because you’ve decided, that obviously those plastic ones are just for babies. I mean, no-one else in the house has to use the red plastic spoons, why should you? [yes – i can read your thoughts]). (more…)


WALKING!!! – Movie June 2, 2010

poogie learning to walk


Well, all I can say is that our little family has been flat-out!

So have had not a minute to write anything on the blog, take photos, do videos. Anything.

But. Last night’s video that your dad took of your and your Aunt R1 warrants a post.

Because he finally got you on camera – WALKING!