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Some recent photos… September 4, 2010

Your Grandma K requested a few posts ago that we share a few more recent photos of gardening backyard adventures, treks to see the mangy cat up the street, eating sultanas… etc.

So here are a few highlights from the past few weeks (yes, you are still out for the count with high fever and are currently once again passed out in your cot. Poor little thing).

Playing with your Aunts is still high up on the list of favoured activities: (more…)


Exploring the wild… June 17, 2010

So, one of the things you’re really getting into at the moment is exploring the wild places in life. Like our back garden.

exploring the garden

exploring the garden

Which is all great fun. You’ve mostly stopped putting absolutely everything into your mouth all the time (now it is just most things about 20% of the time), so I feel more (more…)