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Exploring the wild… June 17, 2010

So, one of the things you’re really getting into at the moment is exploring the wild places in life. Like our back garden.

exploring the garden

exploring the garden

Which is all great fun. You’ve mostly stopped putting absolutely everything into your mouth all the time (now it is just most things about 20% of the time), so I feel more comfortable leaving you in the garden as the amount of bark / mulch / spider webs / disgusting things you eat has decreased considerably – you still leave room for a good lunch.


the hose is your favourite – you’re seeking it out!

And we’ve been doing some exploring ourselves with you in tow: a bit of bushwalking and whacking around with you in the amazingly wonderful macpac possum backpack that we purchased secondhand on ebay a while ago (which was well worth it). We went away again on the weekend to a beautiful wedding up in Montville:

where we had ample opportunity to go walking with you in the pack – to the village;

Macpac Possum

walking to Montville village in the pack

and on a 5km bushwalk the next day;

Our family out walking

Kondallilla Falls Rockpool Lookout


I’m currently reading a book about how children need contact with the natural world:
and whilst it isn’t exactly light bedtime reading, it reinforces for me the importance of all of the adventure and interaction with nature that you’ll need to develop the independence that I hope you’ll find as you get older… It has me reminiscing about adventures down at the creek near Mum’s house growing up, and holidays at the beach camping, and bushwalks where I thought my legs would drop off…

So here’s to lots of exploring the wild and adventures for you!

love mum


3 Responses to “Exploring the wild…”

  1. Janelle Says:

    You have great book recommendations! I agree- about children needing to be in contact with nature. It’s great you’re letting him explore the garden and taking him on hikes.

  2. rakster Says:


    any books you’d like to recommend?

    We’ve found a noticeable level of improvement in ‘happiness’ during the days when we really get out and about with a bunch of greenery…

  3. dad Says:

    notice the Lions beanie? yep, got it before he was born. now it fits (mostly). Have even taught him to grrrrrr. Go Lions!

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