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Something to celebrate (but not the election). August 22, 2010

Celebration today!

Sleep, glorious sleep.  ….

Yes, the getting you back into sleeping through the night effort has paid off.  Your dad and I had a lovely sleep all through the night last night (and the night before would have been great except for the rowdy neighbours who decided to have a singalong to 80’s tunes at 3am until your Aunty Reeg went outside wrapped in a towel and told them to pipe down as “don’t you know there is a baby living here” – she said it was friends of theirs rather than the actual neighbours, who we get on with well but were no-where to be seen)!  Two nights in a row you’ve made it through from 7pm to 7am again without a peep.

Without a peep!!  And so, the disappointment and disillusionment I feel this morning about living in Australia with such a non-progressive population having landed us with a probably hung parliament after only one term of slightly forward-thinking policy changes (and even that is somewhat dubious) is somewhat softened.   Though there is some light in the tunnel, one of our friends got elected to the senate in Queensland.   Hip hip hooray for her!

We will watch with interest over the next few days as the politicians try to cobble together a government.  And if all else fails then as I’ve previously professed, we may consider moving countries again.   Good thing I got your passport application lodged last week.  You’ll be able to come with us.  ….

Though, as your Aunty Stav mentioned “No. That’s not how “The Somalia Solution” works. You need to stay here and maintain the rage. But, I guess someone needs to go and set up the re-education camps in Patagonia, in preparation for the revolution.”.

Love mum.

P.S.  Yes, perhaps my first overtly politically-flavoured rant post.  As you get older you’ll realise just how opinionated I am, and be amazed it took this long to come out in the blog.

P.P.S.  and when you’re old enough to vote yourself I look forward to a debate on the merits of policies in an election where some are actually stated by the running political parties.  That is at least what I’d hope to see in your future.

P.P.P.S.  In fact, having thought it through further, I hope that you haven’t slept through the night for three nights running due to your immense boredom with the election and lack of policy initiatives and all of that.  I mean, you could be a genius and have understood all that was going on and just have been sick to death of it (like me).   Which means tonight you’ll be back to normal and waking 3 times.  Let’s hope not.



3 Responses to “Something to celebrate (but not the election).”

  1. Grandma Says:

    Darling Oscar,

    Please ask your Mum (who is knee deep in diapers and MBA assignments and work) to take more brief pauses and take more photos of you and her and Chris (and Gretski and Reegs) and post them here for all of us to see and admire. Daily excursions to the backyard jungle could be included – the developing frog pond into which it will take you about three seconds once you learn to climb to enter,,,,) the turkey-scaring training sessions, the mangy cat explorations, the sultana obsession etc etc – all grist to the photographic or videographic mill.
    Home today for a little while hoping the stove person comes and rescues me from the culinary doldrums into which I have fallen over the past two years and out of which I am about to pull myslef…. Made really yummy stuffed eggs the other night out of Loyd Grossman’s “The best 125 recipes ever”…so the reformation is underway.
    Hugs Grandma xxxx

  2. rakster Says:

    thanks, we will…

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