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a typical day… June 3, 2010

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Wake up.

No, rewind. I already did that at 2:30 am. For some reason you awoke early last night and just woudn’t settle again. Your dad walked you around and put you back to bed. More upset noises. So you had some boobie and finally went back down at 3:30 am.

So yes, when I woke up at 7:00 am and your dad brought you in for your morning boobie, I was a bit tired.

8:00 am breakfast. You got sick of yours (toast with avocado) and decided you were much more into my breakfast (muesli with yoghurt).

8:20 am I gave up and just gave you mine on a big metal spoon (because you’ve decided, that obviously those plastic ones are just for babies. I mean, no-one else in the house has to use the red plastic spoons, why should you? [yes – i can read your thoughts]). (more…)