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Time is flying by… June 15, 2010

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The days fly by and this week there are a few big milestones occurring.  And I realise I haven’t even blogged about some of the huge events and changes that have taken place over the past few months.  So I’m just gonna write a list and get back to them in detail if I ever find the time.

A few rather large developments have occurred in our house and your life over the past few months:

  1. I started work about 7 weeks ago now.  It deserves a few posts – it’s a big decision and is a balancing act!
  2. You started getting looked after by your Aunt R1 two days a week while I work about 7 weeks ago.  You love it!
  3. You started talking a little bit: dog, stuck, truck, da da.  mumma (but this seems to signify that you’re hungry rather than me!)
  4. I started back at uni doing one subject for this semester.  AAAAGHH!

All of these things have resulted in me having a lot less time during the week, the house being in a state of whirlwind-type-tidiness at all times, and a distinct lack of time to blog.  You are thriving on the changes, loving having some time with someone apart from your mum or dad for a protracted length, and getting bigger and better at all sorts of different situations all the time.

However, some things are still the same:

  1. we swim every week at swimming lessons (you’re starting to occassionally blow bubbles now)
  2. we go to mum’s group with Liam and George and Evie every fortnight, though now you four actually show some interest in interacting while us mum’s gasbag for a few hours
  3. we like going for walks and looking at the trees.

Just wanted to write to let you know what was up!

Overall I think the biggest change in our lives has been that you’re more and more ready to get out and explore the world.  You in fact go slightly bonkers if we don’t make a big outing and do something for a few hours each day.  Sometimes even twice now.  Which is a blessing and a curse.  It used to be so hard to get out and do anything with you at scheduled times / for any length of time as your frequent sleeps got so interupted and you turned into cranky pants (or I did).  Now we can get out easily enough, but it’s hard to keep you amused, happy and stimulated on the days we just want to have a quiet day at home.  We’ve been experimenting with new ideas of things to do (lots of singing), outings to go on etc.

Today you and I caught the bus to town (with the stroller in tow, it’s a bit of a mission) and did a little wandering about.  It was fun, you got talked to by all the crazy people on the bus, and enjoyed looking at all the other kids around.

catching the bus

we caught the bus

Gotta run, statistics to calculate …

love mum

Kitchen play


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