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WALKING!!! – Movie June 2, 2010

poogie learning to walk


Well, all I can say is that our little family has been flat-out!

So have had not a minute to write anything on the blog, take photos, do videos. Anything.

But. Last night’s video that your dad took of your and your Aunt R1 warrants a post.

Because he finally got you on camera – WALKING!



Reaching and tentative efforts at stepping out! – Belated Movie Monday May 19, 2010

Standing – look – no hands!!

the video!


We need a new kitchen. AKA Baby Climbing Alert. – Movie Monday February 22, 2010

Hello Poogie,

So. I made a plan to redo our kitchen at some point – it’s all open shelving. But I was kinda hoping I would have had a few more months. But no. Open shelving about 40 cm off the ground is of course prime target for a crawling baby who has learned to pull himself up in his cot this week. I turned around today and there you were: upright and enjoying yourself. The camera was beside me so I got it on film. I guess today’s adventure was just the start:

The end of the shelving in the video is all just books. But all the crockery, pots, pans and an assortment of other random stuff is out there in the open. Waiting for a marauding eight-month-old to pull it all down right on his head.

Righto. New kitchen planning commencing…


love mum