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WALKING!!! – Movie June 2, 2010

poogie learning to walk


Well, all I can say is that our little family has been flat-out!

So have had not a minute to write anything on the blog, take photos, do videos. Anything.

But. Last night’s video that your dad took of your and your Aunt R1 warrants a post.

Because he finally got you on camera – WALKING!

Yes, you started taking steps on your own late last week. They are still tentative, but you are getting there. It’s joyous to watch!

And, you found a new use for the fitball. Who needs a walking-baby-toy when you can roll and move a ball around to your heart’s content! It’s the best toy and you are absolutely addicted to it at the moment.

Love and kisses to my little walker


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  1. monica Says:

    that’s one cute milestone. glad to have found you in cyberspace!

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