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Lovely Days September 17, 2010

Hello Little Pumpkin,

well. We’ve had an absolutely fantastic week. You’re over the cold you’ve had for 8 weeks except for a bit of a runny nose, and you wake up every morning and run about the house laughing and playing and giggling and riding your bike and reading and eating and just being full of energy and HAPPY in general.

Our week – morning adventures

I savour our Tuesday mornings, when we get on the bike and ride off to Pilates. We look at stuff along the way, have a chat, and generally enjoy ourselves. It is fun. And today, Thursdays, are pool mornings. We get up and out of the house early, do a swimming lesson, then have a second breakfast as you toddle (more…)


Stradbroke Island – the pictorial June 8, 2010

Lovely lovely lovely.

an early rise on Saturday morning:

dawn - baby tracks in the sand

dawn – baby tracks in the sand

you enjoyed exploring and eating: (more…)


Eating? Yes. Sand. March 4, 2010

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Hi Poogie,

we went to the beach last weekend.  And you got your first sand eating experience.  It reminded me somewhat of G&K’s dog MoMo, who when you took her to the beach would eat sand and drink the water and then for the next while as you walked / ran along the beach the poor thing would wince and scrunch up her back as she pooed projectile-style salty water.

the baby eating sand

Sand-eating poogie. Yum Yum.

Thankfully you didn’t do that.  Just a bit of simple sand eating.  I didn’t notice sand-laden nappies, but I assume it was in there somewhere.  I don’t like to look THAT closely.

love mum


Camping! Hurrah!!! May 9, 2009

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Good morning big Speck!

We left yesterday and are now here, sitting in the front awning of our tent, looking out over the trees with a hint of blue sea beyond. The bush turkeys are pecking around, hoping for some of the custard apple I am having for breakfast. It’s threatening to shower again – it rained most of last night, thankfully starting in earnest only after we’d managed to get the tent up and had just sat down with a bowl of dinner.

It is a bit of a sodden mess around the tent but the beach is beckoning and I’m going to go for a walk after I’ve lazed about some more. and guess what? That means that you’re going for a walk on the beach too!


First swim November 9, 2008

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Heya Speck,

first swim for you today. We went to Coogee this morning for a dip cause the weather was beautiful. The beach was full of thousands of surf lifesavers, but it was still fun – had a bit of a swim, the water was cool but not freezing, and we floated out on the waves for a while. I was feeling pretty crappy last night: sick, tired and just erk, so it was fantastic today. The water was a nice clear blue green colour and it just felt good.

Hope you enjoyed it!

love mum

ps your grandad just rang and he says that you have much less than a 1/4 chance of falling out, its more like 16%. He quoted statistics at me to make me feel less worried, i think. So good for him, and good news for you !