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First swim November 9, 2008

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Heya Speck,

first swim for you today. We went to Coogee this morning for a dip cause the weather was beautiful. The beach was full of thousands of surf lifesavers, but it was still fun – had a bit of a swim, the water was cool but not freezing, and we floated out on the waves for a while. I was feeling pretty crappy last night: sick, tired and just erk, so it was fantastic today. The water was a nice clear blue green colour and it just felt good.

Hope you enjoyed it!

love mum

ps your grandad just rang and he says that you have much less than a 1/4 chance of falling out, its more like 16%. He quoted statistics at me to make me feel less worried, i think. So good for him, and good news for you !


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  1. Grandma Says:

    Dear Speck
    I’m sure you will be a swimmer too like your Mum and Day….. how could you not be? There’s also your grandma who loves being in the water ..anyway floating is just such a great thing in and of itself even without the pleasure of carving through the waves with armstrokes like the decisive attack on a blancmange or custard with a spoon when you’re fanging for a bit. Then there’s your Aunty Gretta who was meant to be a fish; you’ll need to remind her about this a bit later and make her take you to the pool and the beach at Byron and Straddie when you’re bigger. So just keep on practising in there; wiggles count. We can all help with technique later.

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