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Tired again… February 9, 2009

Hello little Speck,

I’m tired and grumpy again. I’ve been sleeping badly – what with the heat and you randomly kicking me in the middle of the night and generally squishing my bladder into what must surely be only slightly bigger than pea-shaped judging by the number or times I have to pee. I think I’m fighting off a slight cold too. And we are moving house this week and packing isn’t fun and its all a bit stressful. I hope you just chill out down there and its not affecting you too.

You, your dad and I enjoyed a swim in Leichhardt pool yesterday evening. It was hot yesterday and it was good to get in a pool with you and feel almost my normal weight again, and cool at the same time. I did some treading water for 20 minutes to get some exercise. Your dad and I were wondering whether you could tell that we were swimming and if it felt different to you? Can you feel the pressure of the water too? Your dad suggested maybe it just sounds a lot quieter to you when underwater as sounds are more muffled. You certainly seemed to sleep throughout it.

Hope you’re well.

love mum


Brisvegas Adventures – Christmas is coming! December 24, 2008

Hi Speck,

How you doing? I feel that you’re doing pretty well. Since we got to Brisbane I’ve been eating a diet consisting predominately of chocolate and snacks (including fruit), so sorry but I’m sure you’ll have to go through a sugar withdrawal in a week or so, but that’s just what happens at Christmas time! Get used to it.

We made it here and have been very busy running around trying to get Christmas things done and see some friends and family etc. Your Grandma & two Aunts saw ‘the bump’ for the first time yesterday. Its really not all that big yet, but the fact that I can’t suck my stomach in at all is kinda funny. They all had a feel – down below my belly button the pubis area is very solid and hard, where it used to be soft and springy. Everyone is very excited.

Yesterday we went to your Grandma’s to get ready for Christmas and while your dad cooked Hommus, Babaganoush and Titziki, I cooked Anzac Biscuits and Jam Drops. Had a strong memory of my Grandma over the past few days, and she used to bake great date cakes and always had baked biscuits in the cupboard, so I thought I’d cook some for Christmas. It was fun and they all worked out well – I made Rasberry Jam drops with the Rasberry Jam that I bought at the Bellingen markets that appears to just be pure Rasberries. Yum.

This morning I’m off to go for a bike ride and take Luke & Freya to the pool – Luke has been keen to hang out since we got back. He starts school this year (which I find hard to believe – time flies). You’ll meet them. We told them about you the other day too and they were a bit perplexed (where is the baby, your tummy is small); but then seemed very interested when we explained that you were only about 7cm long at the moment but would grow a lot bigger before you came out to say hello. Luke in particular was very interested in your Ultrasound pictures – and liked the fact that I call you an alien – I think he now has some idea that some kind of alien will emerge from my stomach some time next year.

Must run – we have to get going early before the sun gets too hot. Enjoy the swim too!

love mum


Happy Week 9! Now you start to swim :) November 20, 2008

Hiya Speck,

I’m lying in bed as I type.  Had to leave work on-time after getting in a bit early and had intended to come home and study but its all too much so I took to bed for a bit of a rest.  Your dad just got home and he is cooking fresh fig and walnut salad.  Yum.

Apparently I had it all wrong last week, and according to my books and the internet, you are only just beginning to swim around this week.   What good were those webbed hands then?  I guess you still have them for a bit more, so do take advantage.  And you are apparently grape-sized, but by next week you’ll be the size of an orange.  Now that is a bit weird.  How do you grow so much in one week?  No wonder I’m tired. Other things happening to you: your tail is disappearing, and your are starting to get your boy/girl bits.  Lucky for you!

The hospital information arrived today. I read it but with a bit of disbelief.  I’m still not really sure that you are coming, and if you are, will I really have to deliver you?  Through my vagina in a hospital?  Oh my god.  The birthing suites sounded private and ok, though.  And apparently your dad should bring togs for the shower.  So I guess we can shower together when you’re fighting your way out.  Its all a bit surreal, I have to say.   Hopefully you’ll be born at the same hospital I was born at, and the one where two of your aunts were born, and your two maternal uncles and cousins too.  Your other aunt was born at home.  I watched when I was 9 years old.  Its still one of my most enduring and exciting memories from my childhood.  And my only real exposure to childbirth.  I remember thinking that your Aunt was going to get her head banged on the bed as she came out: she had a big head with black hair & it was two pushes before she was fully out so she was in mid-air for a while.  I think I have a lot to learn.   Hopefully your dad and I will have fun learning about it and be relaxed about how it happens.   I’d like to think so.

Love & thinking of you



little fingers November 18, 2008

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Hi Speck!

Good morning. Nice day and I am feeling chirpier than I was yesterday.  I’m going to put it down to the weather and the fact that I have finished another gruelling part of my uni work at the moment. One more assignment down, one to go then two exams.  Anyway, your Dad is just sick of me never being home at night and complaining and then just sleeping when I am at home.  Four more weeks and then that is all over.

Another reason to feel better is that we have a holiday to look forward to.  Your Dad has booked accomodation, so we are definitely off on a road trip in the weeks before Christmas.  A few days at Seal Rocks, a couple around Nambucca / Bellingen, then up to Brisbane.  So, its something to look forward to.  I am really looking forward to lying on the beach and reading a book and swimming and relaxing and walking on the beach.  Though I definitely do need new togs before we leave as my boobs are still expanding at at a (I hope) unsustainably fast rate.  Jeez.  You better like breast milk.

Otherwise its all quiet on your front, which is a nice change from the semi-panic I was in last week.  You are hopefully swimming away like a little prawn down there, with your webbed hands, and the tips of your ears are coming along nicely.  I am starting to think of you as a baby rather than just a blob – just now I was imagining how soft your skin will be when you first come out and how small your fingers and fingernails.  Sop, sop, must be my hormones.  I’m still feeling exhausted, nauseous at random times, and overall struggling with concentration, but I’m excited.

Toodle-oo, enjoy your swim.
love mum.


First swim November 9, 2008

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Heya Speck,

first swim for you today. We went to Coogee this morning for a dip cause the weather was beautiful. The beach was full of thousands of surf lifesavers, but it was still fun – had a bit of a swim, the water was cool but not freezing, and we floated out on the waves for a while. I was feeling pretty crappy last night: sick, tired and just erk, so it was fantastic today. The water was a nice clear blue green colour and it just felt good.

Hope you enjoyed it!

love mum

ps your grandad just rang and he says that you have much less than a 1/4 chance of falling out, its more like 16%. He quoted statistics at me to make me feel less worried, i think. So good for him, and good news for you !