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Lovely Days September 17, 2010

Hello Little Pumpkin,

well. We’ve had an absolutely fantastic week. You’re over the cold you’ve had for 8 weeks except for a bit of a runny nose, and you wake up every morning and run about the house laughing and playing and giggling and riding your bike and reading and eating and just being full of energy and HAPPY in general.

Our week – morning adventures

I savour our Tuesday mornings, when we get on the bike and ride off to Pilates. We look at stuff along the way, have a chat, and generally enjoy ourselves. It is fun. And today, Thursdays, are pool mornings. We get up and out of the house early, do a swimming lesson, then have a second breakfast as you toddle around the gorgeous big grounds of the pool. They have a fantastic trampoline, which you delight in jumping on (only when there are no big kids really jumping). And then you toddle around looking at the flags fluttering in the wind, the birds in the trees and the other kids swimming and the like.

Trampolining at the pool: 15 months

rocking the jumping on the trampoline at 15 months.


So: swimming. You are progressing slowing but surely. You’re now up to going underwater for about 3-4 seconds when you’re chasing a plastic fish that we’ve thrown out in front of you. And while you don’t blow bubbles consistently, you’re getting there. At the moment you’re in a small class of only 3 other toddlers, as we’re just coming out of winter, so the class has been small, but I expect it will swell in the coming weeks. Anyway, it is a nice class and the three of you in it all just giggled and laughed and threw yourselves into the water, over the mats you climb on, into to bubble-blowing etc with abandon today.


Other news is that we went to visit P&J&H last weekend down in Bangalow.  It was an amazingly lovely weekend, and I’m so glad we finally got away.  Your made friends with Harper:

Making friends

Making friends: Harper & O (7 and 15 months)

and we had a few trips to the beach at Byron.

Beach Trip

snuggling after a swim at the beach with mum

snuggling after a swim with mum

Which you LOVED.  You know those kids that run head first into the water with gay abandon and come up spluttering and choking but laughing still?  Well, at present you’re one of those.  You got a huge shock the first time the undertow pulled you down and the first time a big wave knocked you off your feet (yes I was holding you in expectation of this happening), however you just had a ball! The water was still cold, so I dragged you out of the water and had to wrap you in two towels and snuggle on the beach for a good 20 minutes to warm you up after your swim both days, but you didn’t care.  You loved it!  You swam between your dad and I, we went under some big waves together and you came up looking startled but happy, and you generally crawled and walked around on the sand with glee.  And you got your first taste of lamington (you don’t get any sugar really yet, so it was a big deal). And you loved it.

a post-swim lamington at the beach. How Australian is that?!!

We had a very content, tired and chocolate-smeared baby afterwards.


So I still think you are still the cutest thing ever.  I got a photo of you sleeping this week as you are still so little in your cot:

So that was our week in a nutshell.

Lovely lovely lovely.

love mum


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