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Was that “duck”????… Bad parent of the day award February 16, 2011

This week you’ve started to talk in whole sentences.  Like,

“The bird is in the sky. Up there.”

And the like.  And in addition to using your own sentences, you’ve decided to repeat verbatim what other people say to you, back to them:

“Let’s go eat now”; “Lets feed the chickens”; “I like eggs”….

So today I was pulling out of our street into the busy road on the way to drop you (O) at daycare when someone nearly hit me…  I swerved and said,

“Fuck.  Stupid asshole.  Did you see that, they almost hit us.”

Can you see where this is going???..




You proceeded to babble in the back about “ducks” with a certain inflection in your voice the rest of the way to daycare.

Nice one mum.

P.S. Yes, we have instituted the swear jar, as I’ve written about before. But at present the rules are that it only applies once you walk in the front door.  With the unspoken proviso that both your Dad and I try to adhere to it around you at most times….   But as I’ve also said before that I think I have contributed the most to the about $150 we’ve collected so far..


Australian Bogan Child January 30, 2011

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Hi Little Bogan Child.

Yes, that is right. Just in time for celebrating invasion / Australia day, you as an 18month old have expressed decidedly bogan sentiments.

“Bogan?”, you say, “What is Bogan??”.

Bogan is when you spot a man walking towards us as we leave the pool. You look up at him in awe as you chomp down on your peanut butter sandwich, as wandering back and forth across the path as you are struck by his larger than life physique (read: a totally ripped model-like youthful male who was part of the cast of a new television show being filmed at our local pool on the day you have lessons, hulking towards us up the path as I attempt to avert my eyes and pretend there isn’t someone obviously swaggering with self-important almost narcissistic body-pride near me and my 1.5 year old with no-one else in sight).

As he is within a few steps, you suddenly stop, and, pointing, say,

” Man, Man”. Then, pointing at his torso, “Star, star”.

So I have to look.

the offending tattoo

And yes, across this young man’s torso is emblazoned the now-synonymous-with-bogandom tattoo: the Southern Cross.

Nothing extreme there.  Just observant, I think.  But what happens next is what makes you my little bogan.

You point repetitively at your own torso, and in a questioning voice (with exactly the same rising inflection you use when you ask for a cookie):

“Oscar, Star??? Oscar, Star???”.

All I could reply was that I hope your tastes have matured by the time you are old enough to get inked yourself…

Love mum

ps. wikipedia’s take on bogan..


reverting to old remedies: the swear jar September 19, 2010

Hello Poogie,

well, I hate to admit it, but I think I swear more than your father. (more…)


Rooooarrrr. Ack Ack. – Movie Monday March 29, 2010

I wrote about your new efforts at communication last week. (more…)


Roaring like a lion… and quacking like a duck. March 21, 2010

Dear Zoo book Communication is definitely the name of the game at the moment.

You’ve been roaring like a lion for weeks. It stems from your two favourite books of the moment:

Dear Zoo, by Rod Campbell and



Waving goodbye. And a bit of crying… – Movie Monday March 15, 2010

Hello Poogie,

your new trick for this week is improved communication.

We now definitely have “Mama”, “Dada”, “there” and that’s about it verbally that we can make out. But this weekend you added three hand movements: (more…)


cankles and cackles October 23, 2009

Hello Little Poogie,

sleeping or not sleeping – it all happens in our house

after an atrocious day of not sleeping so well yesterday, you’re now sleeping.  Well, I lie.  You just woke up.  But I’m good here on the couch as your stellar Aunt Reegs has just gone in to get you.  And in tow is your friend G.  She’s two and is very keen to get to know you better after meeting you a few weeks ago.  So I suspect that I may be ok lying here on the couch and tap-tap-tapping away while I have the opportunity.  Full kudos again to your Aunt Reegs, who is looking surprisingly refreshed for a woman who crept in the door after 4am after a night of dinner, drinks and gay-star talent competition-watching and then manic dancing at Brisbane’s best and brightest gay venues with friends.  She is now up and looking after you, after getting me food, hanging out the laundry, and all the other sundry domestic tasks that I just can’t do with a broken ankle.


The trick you seem to be working on at the moment involves your voice. Specifically the modulation of your voice’s volume. We have been greeted with squeals of glee when you’re laughing – much like a cackling wizard. And howls of, well just howls of noise. And varying degrees of growls. Usually you growl when you’re hungry. But not anymore. Growls are ok whenever. And at whatever volume. Its all good fun.


I hate my ankle boot. It is not comfortable and when my foot is elevated causes me to lose feeling in my toes. Not great. And it woke me up about 58 times last night from the lack of toe feeling-pain. Have rung doctor. They suggest it’s too tight. Too tight. I’m not an idiot. Of course I’ve checked that. …… Grump grump. I shouldn’t have bothered ringing them. I guess the boots aren’t designed for comfort. ….Bah.

baby sign language and excitement

I’ve decided after speaking to a few mums about it at the Australian Breastfeeding Association meetings, and hearing various anecdotes from friends and family who’ve seen it in practice, that Baby Sign Language has a bunch of benefits and that you should try to learn it. Your dad and I both think it will be fun trying, even if it takes a while! And so I went on to the most wonderful library service of any city I’ve ever lived in: The Brisbane City Council library, and found four books on it. Clicked on them to reserve to my local library. And Voila! A few days and $1.50 or so later, they have arrived. Your dad got them for me yesterday and I’ve been reading the introductions in them and comparing. More posts to come… But Poogie, get prepared, I’m thinking about which signs to start with and you’re going to be subjected to my and your dad’s attempts at signing. I know that you don’t have full control of your hands yet, and have only just started to notice your feet, but I think if we start now then you’ll get there at some point, and by then your dad and I should know a fair few signs. I’ll keep you updated 🙂

Love and kisses (you love kisses and do the standard baby open-mouth version)