i'm pregnant and it's going to be a rollercoaster

Dear Baby: Kick, kick, kicking away. February 15, 2011

Dear Baby,

So, I’m now 22 weeks pregnant, and all is going well.

I feel kinda guilty about not writing more about this pregnancy on the blog – sharing more intimately what is going on, as I did last time.

But for some reason I just feel more at peace with the whole process, and for some reason, a little more private about it all too.  Just like it is a calm and peaceful journey that we are going on right now, and that we are getting to know each other quietly while you’re growing, moving and kicking around down in my slowly-expanding belly.

You feel to me like a different baby than your brother.  I can’t put my finger quite on how or why or what is different, it is just a different feeling.

Common to last time, I have a renewed vigour for food and all things edible.  Last week your dad was out for a meeting one night and wasn’t going to be back for dinner but I had a hankering for a nice meal, so I cooked myself a two course meal that I had a craving for.  It took 4 hours to cook, in between looking after and playing with your brother, getting him fed and bathed and to bed, but it was well worth it…

spanikopita with red tomato pesto salsa

Oh. I  just went to get a photo of dessert and realised I must have forgotten to take one in my hurry to ingest it.  Take it from me: it was good.  Fresh raspberry swirl icecream, made with home-laid eggs…. Yum!!

You’ve been eating well.   (P.S. I explained a few weeks ago to your brother that when mummy eats, the food goes ‘down down down’ to the baby.  Five minutes later he brought me some of his muffin and gave it to me to eat: first ‘mummy eat’ then another piece for ‘baby, down down’).

Anyway, a little picture from your 20 week scan, which we had a week and a half ago now.  The summary, you’ve got all the normal bits and pieces.  You’re about 50th percentile for most of your dimensions.  Which is what your brother was.  I think I’ve already mentioned that you are due on the same date, just two years apart.  I guess at least your Chinese sign will be different: you will be a rabbit wheras your brother is an ox/cow.  …

love and kisses


22 weeks pregnant.


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