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Is it a bird, is it a plane? YES! The amazing signing baby! – Movie Monday (once again belated) May 11, 2010


It’s belated Movie Monday again.  I’ve been busy, what can I say.

You have also been busy.  Learning.  Do you remember that I’ve mentioned that I had decided then started trying to teach you baby sign language?

Well, the fruits of my and your labour are starting to pay off.  You’ve been signing ‘BIRD’ if not proficiently then proficiently in your own interpretation for a few weeks now.  Totally definitely bird, with the addition of waving arms and squeels of glee when you see one, or even better, a bunch, fly by.  And other flying and noisy machinery-type things are starting to get a look-in too.   Since our back deck is prime for plane-spotting, planes also feature high on your list of exciting things to notice, so it’s not surprising you’re into them.  As an aside though, dogs rate higher: “Dog” is the most frequent and distinct word you say – there is a neighbourhood dog that barks a lot during the day that you listen to and tell me about a lot).

I finally managed to capture one of your baby signs on the video.  Harder to do than it sounds.  But here you are, last weekend, seeing and signing plane! YAY!!!! You are amazing!


love mum

P.S. We’re just doing simple signs and we look up the signs for words we want to use on an Australian signing site:

Their sign for plane is:

the sign for plane

Age: 10 months 3 weeks


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