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Eating? Yes. Sand. March 4, 2010

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Hi Poogie,

we went to the beach last weekend.  And you got your first sand eating experience.  It reminded me somewhat of G&K’s dog MoMo, who when you took her to the beach would eat sand and drink the water and then for the next while as you walked / ran along the beach the poor thing would wince and scrunch up her back as she pooed projectile-style salty water.

the baby eating sand

Sand-eating poogie. Yum Yum.

Thankfully you didn’t do that.  Just a bit of simple sand eating.  I didn’t notice sand-laden nappies, but I assume it was in there somewhere.  I don’t like to look THAT closely.

love mum


desperate measures… aka brain-addled and dazed mother. March 3, 2010

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Hi Poogie,

we had a lovely dinner with everyone on your Grandma K’s side of the family last night. And when chatting to Aunt 2 (Rhy) she reminded me that she had been to visit us before work last week. When prompted, I had a vague memory of it,

Me: “Oh yeah, I remember”.  Thinking vaguely that I did remember her coming one morning early.

Rhy: “You were tired and kind of out-of-it.”

Me: thinking, mmm,  I recall having very large bags under my eyes for a few days in the past few weeks.  Maybe it was one of those days.  “It’s all a bit hazy now I think about it.”

Rhy: “Yeah, you were so out of it you fell asleep in O’s cot.”