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desperate measures… aka brain-addled and dazed mother. March 3, 2010

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Hi Poogie,

we had a lovely dinner with everyone on your Grandma K’s side of the family last night. And when chatting to Aunt 2 (Rhy) she reminded me that she had been to visit us before work last week. When prompted, I had a vague memory of it,

Me: “Oh yeah, I remember”.  Thinking vaguely that I did remember her coming one morning early.

Rhy: “You were tired and kind of out-of-it.”

Me: thinking, mmm,  I recall having very large bags under my eyes for a few days in the past few weeks.  Maybe it was one of those days.  “It’s all a bit hazy now I think about it.”

Rhy: “Yeah, you were so out of it you fell asleep in O’s cot.”

At this point in the conversation your Dad piped up too:

Dad: “Ha, it was really funny.”

Me: “Huh??”

Rhy: “Yeah, you fell asleep in the cot, and O was awake, standing up, climbing on you and banging on the end of the cot”.

So picture this.  Me in the minature cot (yes, minature.  I have to curl right up just to get in).  Obviously at my wit’s end, trying to get you to go to sleep so trying to feed you in the cot (as our bed is now just a big play-gym to you).   You, standing up at one end while I’m fast asleep.  Two of my sisters and my husband poking their heads in and laughing at the situation.

And my memory of the whole event?  Nothing.  Yep, nada.  Ok, well I was obviously asleep for part of it.  But the rest is gone.

Did they get a photo?

Me: “Did you get a photo?”

Rhy & Dad: “Oh no! Though we should have, it was hilarious!”

I didn’t bother to ask whether they got O out of the cot and left me sleeping or just left us both in there.  I’ll never know.

So yes, I guess I am still so exhausted some days from the night feeds, producing milk and just coping with life as time flies by that I just need a little extra sleep.   And some support.  So everyone, be patient with me please and still allow me some slack.  Yes, my little baby is becoming a toddler and isn’t going to be a baby much longer, but I’m still obviously a lot more tired out by the whole affair than I thought.

love mum

the cot

the cot. I take up the whole thing when I’m in it. Which isn’t often. Only in times of desperation.


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