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I nearly cried today. March 11, 2010

crawling babyI nearly cried today with happiness. Watching you at the State Library’s Kid’s Corner for Thursday’s sing-a-long rhyme and kids songs. You just LOVED IT and you had a look of pure joy on your face.

We’ve been before when you were younger but today was just amazing. A first for the level of your interaction and watchfulness and awareness of other kids and yourself as one of them, and of your ability to explore and enjoy in a self-directed way. It was just beautiful for me to watch.

Actually, when we first arrived you were scared by all the noise and boisterousness of everything and you had a bit of a cry, but after a snuggle and a play around near me you got more adventurous. And half-an-hour later and there was no stopping you.

You crawled about the entire room, looking up at all the big kids and attempting to imitate them in their climbing. You found the slope on one of the displays very difficult to crawl up, but once you got up there once, you went back and forth at least 50 times (no exaggeration) just proving you had mastered it and could scoot up and down however and whenever you liked. And I learned that you can climb up stairs. You got used to the noise and watched in absolute amazement at the guitar-playing, funny harmonica noises and the foot macaroon-playing at close range.

baby crawling over the display

too fast for the camera!

crawling baby

Too fast for mum to catch on film… crawling.. Note the ramp in the background. That was a small challenge that you persisted with and overcame..

And as usual, you attracted the attention of other children with at least three little girls befriending you and smothering you in kisses. Mostly until you cried. There were a few years older than you and it did get a bit stifling. But you seem to be learning to crawl away from what you don’t like, and seek out what you do.

And I just loved watching you experience it all. Magic.

Love you


climbing the stairs – That\’s you in the background in the blue outfit. I have to drop the camera and run…


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