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I nearly cried today. March 11, 2010

crawling babyI nearly cried today with happiness. Watching you at the State Library’s Kid’s Corner for Thursday’s sing-a-long rhyme and kids songs. You just LOVED IT and you had a look of pure joy on your face.

We’ve been before when you were younger but today was just amazing. A first for the level of your interaction and watchfulness and awareness of other kids and yourself as one of them, and of your ability to explore and enjoy in a self-directed way. It was just beautiful for me to watch. (more…)


Taxes and the Library November 19, 2009


So. Your Aunt Reegan has been busy looking for a job now that I’m all mobile again (boot is allowed to come off for a few hours to suit my level of discomfort a day now -WOO HOO!). And one of her primary complaints has been that moving back to Australia & looking for a job really isn’t great as the tax we pay here is so high compared to Japan. So even if she gets a job paying more than her salary in Japan, she gets to keep less. I keep telling her how wonderful the government here in Australia actually is (sarcasm). I then encourage her to write to her local MP, councillor, senator etc whenever something comes up that she feels strongly about. Email is the way to go. And it’s easy. I think I write to the government about something I care about at least once a week. Helps me vent and keeps me sane. Latest was the proposed changes to Youth Allowance (or whatever it’s called now – the money you get to help you live while you’re studying) – i.e. it’s not enough & we’re trying to be an educated nation yet don’t help students from non-priveleged backgrounds enough to keep them from the poverty line while they are trying to get a degree… Rant aside, what I do keep telling her is that the government here does provide some resources to the public, and since we live in the inner-city, it’s worthwhile taking advantage of whatever you can get hold of. She ums and ahs and then just grumbles at me. But, two weeks ago we went down to the new State Library building. Walking into it, with its lovely plush couches and air-conditioning, and free wi-fi and banks of computers, she said, “and this is why we pay taxes in Australia. Japan has NOTHING like this”. It’s great. And there is a kid’s corner just waiting for you to enjoy as you grow up. Just down the road from the free water-park for kiddies.

This morning, you and I again went in the car, and down to the State Library kid’s corner for “Rhyme Time”. A few shots which don’t quite capture the manic atmosphere: think about 50 children of all ages in a brightly decorated room about 4 x 10 m, all shrieking, squealing, talking and singing along to the rhymes done by the librarians. Crazy. And a pram convention just near the room.

Poogie rocking on to the rhyme time

You enjoyed yourself.  The first time we took you two weeks ago I think it was all just a little too overwhelming.  Today you did some singing on my lap, and were happy being up on some benches high above most of the other kids, so you could watch and be secure with me.   After a bit of singing we went and you laid on the carpet and did some rolling around.  There are all sorts of exciting things hanging from the roof so you got distracted by that a bit.  There were a few other kids who seemed interested in you and came over to give you some touches and a bit of a ‘hello’.  You were pretty keen on the little boy who seemed to like rubbing his hair in your face.  And you are astounded at the noise and interaction with so many other children.  Crazy – I could almost see you thinking.  What are they all doing, and why are they so loud??

a snapshot of the chaos. It just doesn’t quite translate in a photo.

After about an hour, you were starting to get tired and over-it. You enjoyed the stimulation, but it just got a bit much. So off we went, home again.

You’re getting so big so quickly, I look at the kids in the room and think you’ll be in school before I can blink. I’m pondering how if ever I’ll be able to balance you and work and study and life.

A good morning. You’re a cutie and I love you.