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Reminiscing – are you that old already?? (and breastfeeding while looking at soft porn) March 25, 2010

Dear Poogie,

I read a post today by my blogging friend over at Pretty Little Stitches about people’s responses to her breastfeeding in public and a photo of herself breastfeeding in a gorgeous knit sweater she craftily made (jealous of the skills!)… And I went to write back a comment and got to thinking about an experience I had when you were a newly born little bundle.  So I thought I’d share it.  I seem to have been reminiscing a little over the past week or so about ‘when you were little’.  You’ve hit the nine month mark this week, and it just feels like yesterday that you were born, but also so long ago at the same time.  I’ve spent a bit of time reading over my old posts from June and August 2009 when you were fresh, and re-living the feelings I had.  They are almost tangible, and definitely tasteable when I re-read them.  Glad I’ve written some of it down to you via this blog.  But the story: (more…)