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Hello little kicker! January 26, 2009

Good morning Speck!

I am sitting on the back deck in Brisbane and there are no human sounds around. Just the stripey marsh frogs going crazy in the pond/bathtub trying to get laid! It rained last night so they are pretty happy.

Happy Australia day! What that means to you is that its exactly 5 months ’till you’re due! Time flies when you’re getting big and pregnant, and having fun. Went out with some friends for dinner last night and I was asked if I’m excited about being a mum, which I’ve been asked lots before, but it just felt different for some reason (maybe hormones?). Anyway, the answer us most definitely ‘yes’, but also mostly that what I’m excited about is being a mum while your dad is being a dad, so just both having that experience and having a child together. Cause while your dad is often a numpty and grumpy and a total pain in the ass (more so the last two when he has been gap-filling walls in the heat and painting), he is also fun and I think he’ll be a great dad… (yep, the hormones must definitely be kicking in).

Other good news is that I most definitely felt you moving around down there last night in bed, you were squiming and had moved around to the left side when normally you feel like you’re on the right.

Let’s see if I can find a frog to take a photo of…. It’s wet down in the garden..
… No frogs, whilst they are loud they are still hiding.. But lots of eggs – which I got a photo of!

Love you


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  1. Grandma Says:

    Hmm… so glad your Mum is keen on being one with your Dad. They have been working very hard making your first home clean and painted and beautiful for you. It’s been great to see and kind of inspriring for me too since my old house could certainly always do with a spot of livening up too – cleaning and painting and reorganizing etc.. I had a lovely time mopping with eucalyptus oil downstairs yesterday after being over at your home the day before n doing a very little there as my back was still wonky. Still the cleaning fervour got into me n by the time I went out at night for a walk and to visit a friend I had mopped n vacuumed again which was pleasant to come home to later.
    Only five months to go….wow! That’s not really very long. It’s so lovely to imagine what you will look like n how you will be as a person. Let’s hope for calm, gentle, curious, creative, organized, relaxed……n more. But you will of course just be as you are already forming in lots of ways. Hope Mum is listening to good great fantastic music a lot! I’m sure you’ll grow better if she does.
    Love Grandma

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