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survey results – speck – this is what people think about your sex and birthday February 1, 2009

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Hi Speck,

So its now a contest until you arrive. What are you? Boy or Girl? And when are you going to join us? I’m asking for opinions on the blog as to what everyone thinks (survey is here if you haven’t yet taken it).

The results so far are below…. I’ll update them as we go…

Summary: consensus is you’re a boy arriving in June…

Sex Count %
Boy 12 52.17%
Girl 10 43.48%
Undecided 1 4.35%
Total 23
Birthdate Count %
28-May-09 1 4.35%
1-Jun-09 1 4.35%
10-Jun-09 2 8.70%
16-Jun-09 1 4.35%
17-Jun-09 1 4.35%
18-Jun-09 1 4.35%
19-Jun-09 1 4.35%
20-Jun-09 1 4.35%
21-Jun-09 1 4.35%
23-Jun-09 1 4.35%
25-Jun-09 2 8.70%
28-Jun-09 1 4.35%
29-Jun-09 1 4.35%
1-Jul-09 4 17.39%
2-Jul-09 1 4.35%
3-Jul-09 1 4.35%
8-Jul-09 1 4.35%
27-Jul-09 1 4.35%
Total 23

And the detail:

Who Sex Birthdate Comments?
dad Boy 1-Jul-09 … and bald as…
Mum Girl 29-Jun-09 i hope you come out safely
aunt3 Boy 1-Jul-09 alien child could be a girl too, am too undecided to put undecided…
Cokemeister Boy 2-Jul-09 curly red hair if girl only please, if boy straight blonde. thats all. thanks.
Deepa Boy 23-Jun-09 I can see a cute little boy with lovely curly hair
chris Girl 21-Jun-09
J Undecided 25-Jun-09 Regardless of sex, or dob am sure speck will be very happy and much loved, and loving in turn 🙂
Auntie ‘Milla Girl 8-Jul-09 He he he … can’t wait!!!
alien observer interested in stats counts with low bases Girl 1-Jul-09 hopefully with all bits present and accounted for….. a fabulous taste in music developed in utero…. keen sense of the value of rice pudding ….. concept of ball-handling and tree-climbing as intellectual skills ….. ambition to progress beyond height of midget aunt3(woops did we say that??) …joy in waves, doughnuts , bindi-eyes, anti-magpie-swoopiong devices, magnetic resonance techniques and icecream et al.
Grandad (M) Boy 18-Jun-09 as speck is about getting dirty playing on floor, then it will be a boy, who will needless to say be ready to pop out early, so maybe around June 18, or even your birthday
Ros Girl 10-Jun-09
Uncle Josh Boy 25-Jun-09
David T Boy 27-Jul-09 Wishing the baby turns out just as beautiful as the mother. 🙂
John Trinh Girl 28-May-09 She will be a pretty girl
Aunt1 Boy 16-Jun-09 it will be a little ginger fiend mwahaha
Aysh Girl 28-Jun-09 Will have gorgeous curly golden hair like her mum
Grandma Boy 01-Jul-09 he will have red hair like mommy and daddy did at birth
Mani Girl 20-Jun-09 I want a cuddle :o)
Holly Girl 10-Jun-09
Jacob Boy 17-Jun-09 Mahahahahahaha
Mia Boy 03-Jul-09 I possess amazing 50/50 psychic abilities so I’m bound to be right
Rhyan Boy 19-Jun-09 squid – i finally decided to vote – and even if you’re a boy you’re getting a pink tutu
x Girl 1-Jun-09

Last Updated 9:18 am 29 April 2009… New results added as votes come in…

If you haven’t yet let Speck know what you think – let it out & take the Survey


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