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Welcome to week 23 February 26, 2009

Hiya Speck,

As the title says, welcome to week 23. It’s Thursday night, and I’ve made it home to Brisbane after a very draining work week in the office. I’m currently sitting in the newly revamped local fish and chip shop, very happy that my first stop on an attempt to get take-out dinner is going to yield such good results… That might sound a little strange; but I’m picky on takeaway food. Your dad made me come by myself ’cause he loses his temper or feels anxious for me because he thinks I am not going to be happy with what I find take-away. Its more true maybe in a food court. There are often very limited vegetarian/pescetarian options. Anyway, a girl at the wedding last week mentioned that the local fish and chip show to our house in Brisbane had been redone and she’d eaten here and interviewed the owners and that it was good. And I’m impressed. Barramundi and salad for me and you.

Funny, I am reading the Kaz book week by week, and it’s often a bit uncanny how spot on the book is. Uncanny not as the things related to your development are as expected, spot on, but more the additional things. Like week 23 has a large section about travelling while pregnant, and travelling for work trips, which is exactly what I’m doing this week. And you with me. I think after taking about eight flights over the course of the past two weeks, I can now safely say that I’m sure that the pressure effects you somehow. You are definitely more active when we’re in the air. Lots of kicks and what not. I’m assuming its not in a bad way (the effect), but just different so that you are more active. Funny.

Off to eat my barramundi.

love you


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  1. Grandma Says:

    Georges? Is that the fish shop your Mum has been getting her fish from. You may not believe this Speck but there used to be a time when your grandma would not eat fish from a fish shop because it was not fresh enough. I promise to show you real fish when you arrive in the air yourself. Fish to watch, fish to catch, fish to eat. We may have to learn how to fillet fish together; it’s a little tricky but basically you have to use a steady hand and a sharp serrated knife and observe where to put it. As the hand moves through different planes of fish-flesh it’s a little like dancing where your hand moves through planes of air and you sense the space about you. Speaking of which , how is your space? You are quickening within it like a little fish in a fish sac. When you dive out, we promise you the great surprise really is the air. When it comes inside you for the first time it will wash down your throat as the light will wash over your face and small globules inside your spongy lungs will balloon, whump, like sunflower petal parachutes. And your blood will begin a new chemistry in an instant. That’s life, It turns on a breath Speck.

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