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Bump picture May 22, 2009

Hello Speck –

So – this is your home, week 35.

See what I mean when I ask you to please stop pushing out as it is hurting my stomach??

It all really is getting pretty squishy down in there.  I don’t seem to have prominent stretch-marks yet, but it certainly feels like I am developing them.  However, I realise I’m lucky & I shouldn’t complain at all – there are a large number of women due at the same time as me on the forum I read who are having all sorts of painful complications:  gestational diabetes, early birth scares (with associated trips to the hospital, contractions, monitoring & drugs), pelvises that are totally out of whack (so much so they are using walking frames or are bed-bound), etc etc.

So really, we’re all good.  Your dad and I went for a walk last night, and the only thing that is happening is that my walking has totally slowed down now.  So its more of a meander.  Meander-waddle.  The weight out-front means that I do find it hard to balance.   So my waddle is getting more pronounced.   And its very hard to sit-up in bed when I’m lying down.  The muscles that do that just can’t cope with the additional weight of you and all the fluid you’re floating around it.

love you



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  1. Grandma Says:

    Ah, at last….good to see a proper belly shot. Now Speck is in focus. I watched you and Speck coming down the steps at yoga last night and was amazed at how much air space Speck’s taking up. I guess a perspective from below is always enlarging. we had a nice class, you and Speck and I. I was imagining how little Speck is going to love playing about with his/her hips n joints n limbs generally for years n years to come. Any way must go n wash my hair for the baby shower.

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