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Growing Pains and Bumps January 12, 2009

Hiya Speck,

how you doing? I’m well. Famished today and yesterday. Have thankfully bought a heap of fruit to work so have eaten all the way from 7:45 am until now, when I’m onto my lunch. It feels like I’m finally starting to fill the hole. I hope you are getting some of it.

You have made your presence noticeable over the past few days. Well, I think so. My stomach seemed to ‘pop’ visibly within a day after those horrendous pains I experienced on Friday. I can now officially not do-up any of my old pants. Last week I could get them done up, though they were getting a bit tight when I sat. Today, no chance. I need to buy one of those stretchy bits of elasticy-stuff that let you wear your old pants basically undone but prevent your knickers from showing right on through. Today I’m just wearing a longer t-shirt, so its all covered but all is undone and free. I got some maternity jeans last week, so jeans are fine, but I need to go and get some other pants. Some of my skirts still fit if I hike them down.

Besides feeling bigger and having slightly uncomfortably tight clothes, its pretty great feeling overall! I now have a little rounded bump which feels good to rub, saying hello to you! I have to remember not to do it too much in public else I look like a freak. I wonder if you can feel just the rubbing – one of the books said you could feel a massage if I did one. I might give it a go again tonight when I’m lying in bed and see if you respond.

Hope you’re well and enjoyed dancing to Cat Empire on Saturday night. I did!

love you


The amazing expanding stomach December 16, 2008

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Hi Speck!

I have just got back to our little cabin after an afternoon of lazing on the beach under a beach umbrella reading my book. And again, it could just be gas, but I’m feeling very big in the stomach – decidedly pregnant. In fact the skirt I’m wearing is actually uncomfortable because it’s too tight about the waist. Your dad says I look great but I think he too is surprised at my expanding girth.

Otherwise all is quiet on your front. Cokemeister poo pooed the idea that you kicked me in the kidneys the other day by reminding me that you are only about 6cm long, which on reflection is true, another of those things I’m blaming you for on which you can’t defend yourself! Tough luck!

We started our roadtrip from Sydney to Brisbane with your Canadian grandparents today so tonight and tomorrow we are staying next to the beach in Seal Rocks.

It is beautiful. Maybe we can come camping here when you’re old enough to enjoy it. Lots of surfers around. Your dad caught a whiting but was unsuccessful in getting anything bigger – he says he’ll try again tomorrow.