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food.. you are 8 weeks old! November 15, 2008

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Hiya Speck,

so, you’ve still been eating pretty well I think. Still no meat though – you’re going to have to wait until you’re out & on solids to be able to have some of that. We went to the markets this morning in the rain and wandered around buying yummy stuff.

This week its going to be:


  • mangoes – which I am totally craving
  • apples
  • poached pears with yoghurt
  • more hommus
  • couscous with chickpeas and veges (some really nice zucchinis)
  • fresh ripe vine tomatoes, which look good!
  • fresh corn

and other yummy things.

I have fried egg and avocado on fresh soy and linseed sour dough for breakfast now. yum.

Week 8

So, Kaz says that you have webbed hands developing this week. Good for you. Your dad says please keep them and you can have superpowers like Aqua Man.

I guess Aquaman does look pretty cool, though not sure with the genes we will be passing on that you have much chance of turning out like that. Your dad can only hope.

The other stuff happening is that I’m still pretty grumpy and getting slightly hysterical when I get too tired at night – sorry dad, i was a complete and utter crazy loon bitch woman last night – but the good news for him is that he is no longer repulsive like a slug and I want cuddles again.  Sometimes.  And ice cream cravings are pretty strong.

So, keep on growing – you’re apparently now 1 million (yes, unbelievable) times bigger than you were on the moment you started, and you’ve got lots to go!

Love & kisses