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Good-day November 8, 2008

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Howdy Dudy Speccie,

We have some good news for you – we’ve found someone to help bring you into the world when you choose to come on out, so it won’t be your dad in the kitchen with a carving knife (phew! that would have been messy).  Your poor dad was so freaked out when we rang about ten obstetricians on Wednesday and couldn’t find one as they were all full for June next year already – he went white and started to sweat a lot; masking his anger.  I kept trying to tell him to be happy, but it appears he is almost as much of a worry wart as I am.  Anyway, you have someone here in Sydney and someone in Brisbane, so whenever you choose to pop on out it should be ok.   That is, unless you choose to pull the plug before then cause you don’t like it, in which case we’ll both be really sad.  But it’s still a one in four possibility.   Please do hang on in there, we’re waiting for you out here with great excitement, promise we’ll do some fun stuff!  And you can’t leave without having tried stinky blue soft cheese, which you are NOT getting at the moment as it is off my eating list, so you simply HAVE to get big enough to try that ’cause it really is one of life’s best things.  In my opinion.

Also, there are now more people eargerly awaiting your coming.  Your grandparents now all know about you and seem very excited.  I bit of surprise, I think, but happy.

What else is happening?  Well, I came home last night and after eating two icy poles and some fake cheese promptly went straight to bed for a nap while your dad was at the pub with friends.  I awoke some hours later feeling just as grumpy as when I had gone to sleep earlier, but with more mussed-up hair.  Your dad came home and wanted a kiss and I felt like telling him to jump off the harbour bridge.  That’s how good it was yesterday.  I tried to explain that I was feeling a little testy, but I think it was reading Kaz Cooke week 7 that made us both feel better.   Apparently its common for me to feel like I would rather he not touch me unless with a 10 foot barge pole, and for me to just want to sleep all weekend.  Pity that isn’t an option.

Today is rainy but a kind of nice, stay in bed and rest day.  I had uni all morning and have just got home, think I need a cat-nap before I attempt to write an assignment which I have to finish by tonight.  Erk.  Not so fun.

I can’t believe that all women wait so long for babies to grow.  How do you keep a secret like this for so long & then how do you cope with a growing body for another six months after that?  By the way, if the growth in my boob size over the past week is any indication, I’m not going to be able to stand up due to the sheer weight of my bossoms when I’m more pregnant.  None of my bras fit.  Since the beginning of this week I have been daily washing a single bra that is made of stretchy material and even still cuts in a bit.  I hope they shrink again at some stage.  Its coming up to summer too – so I’m going to have to find a new swimming costume that actually covers enough skin – I suspect my old one is already going to be indecent.

So, going for a nap.  Hope you are well, thinking of you (in a non-panicked way today, yesterday was a panic, day before so-so)…

love you



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