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Hi Again – oh my goodness we saw you moving around! November 28, 2008

Hello Little Speccie!

How are you doing today?? I’m pretty excited this morning because I feel like you’re even more real – yesterday we went to the obstetrician & he did an external ultrasound and we could see that you’ve got bigger. I couldn’t stop laughing so it was hard for him to take some pictures of you, because my tummy kept moving around. I think it was contagious, ’cause the next thing that happened was that you started to wriggle around. A lot. In fact if I didn’t know that your eyes were closed (and potentially not even working yet or really there) I would have said that you were trying to swing around to get a look at us. Oh my goodness – it looked funny and cute and crazy all at the same time. Very strange thing to be looking at a picture of inside your own body and see something parasitical-looking (yep, you truly look like you could just be an amoeba or something that got in my drinking water somehow then grew to giant proportions – again – don’t take it personally at the rate you’re growing you’ll look better in no time) move around of its own accord… I can’t feel you moving yet, I think that comes in at least a few more weeks, but possibly even more, but it was cool to see you. Your dad and I got really excited. Your heart is still beating away very quickly too.

but I think as you get a bit bigger its definitely going to become mighty squishy down in there for all my organs..

So, the pictures the doctor took of you – the first one is you in the middle with your head on the left hand side of the photo as you look at it.

Speck you are bigger!

Speck you are bigger!

Next is where he was trying to measure you.   So the measurements are written on it:

33.7 mm long!

33.7 mm long!

Apparently all else is going well, but I guess you can’t tell all that much at this stage.  Apparently my uterus is just starting to pop out over my pubis, so that is the start of the belly that will develop.

Anyway, we’re both excited cause you look bigger, and were moving about a lot.  And you’re now over 3cm big!  So fast!

So, hope you continue to laugh down in there. Your dad blew you a rather large rasberry this morning.  Did you feel it & have a chuckle?

love you



3 Responses to “Hi Again – oh my goodness we saw you moving around!”

  1. Robert M Says:

    Congratulations. Robert

  2. Grandma Says:

    Well this made me cry. Flutter on little one. Such a lot of growing to do. And the world so large and various, so bright n gloomy n divine. (Ps I reckon you are going to love dogs and follow in your mother’s grand tradition of pulling tails of cats at a young age – not that you aren’t allowed to love cats either!) I saw your aunty3 at the supermarket today n she is voting for you to be a boy which is highly unfair n part of the game I guess while you are still hding away, happily growing; naturally whoever you are we will love you to bits; she had just been iceskating with Tim who is a very nice boy we re hoping you will meet with her too; they were rushing out to drinks with friends after but you will find out that is the way of your aunties, lots of going out n socializing…. I hope the one in Japan is reading a lot of this n finding out about you at the same rate as we all are!

  3. Stavroola Says:

    Wow!!! I think I said that a lot already!!! I was a bit confused by the first photo, but now I have worked it out. Cool looking baby!!! I’ll have to start investigating pregnancy advice so that I can give helpful comments at various stages. Well done to Mum and Dad. And, to the wee bairn, excellent choice of parents!!!

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