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eating frenzy January 13, 2009

Dear Speck,

Yesterday was a day of eating. I arrived at work and ate my large bowl of yoghurt and fresh mango. Soon after, deciding I was still hungry, I moved onto grapes. The large bunch I’d bought into work (intending that it lasted until Thursday) lasted until just before lunch. I took lunch early, cause I was feeling a little peckish. Lunch was a large bowl of chilli beans, which your dad had cooked the day before. It was pretty filling, but only made it until about 2pm when I needed more. 2 nectarines downed for afternoon tea / snack.

Went home and despite the fact it was 4:45 decided a snack of jam-drops (yes, I got around to cooking them on Sunday) was definitely in order. Ate those. I started with one but then decided as I went that 5 large jam-drops was a much closer estimate of the volume required to fill the obviously gaping hole in my stomach. Then your dad had a pack of corn chips so I had a few (it was just a few)… Then I figured baclava was needed too. So I ate that. Just one piece (they are little pieces, only 2cm square!)…

Buying the baclava. I only bought a half a kilo, which, as you can see from the size of the tray on offer, was very restrained of me. And I have been sharing it. Mostly.

While eating these delightful treats I was busy thinking about dinner and dessert ’cause I knew these would only fill me up for a while. This really is a distinct change from pretty much the whole first trimester when I avoided the kitchen and couldn’t really be bothered to think about food at all. So while eating at home I started cooking. First up was french vanilla ice cream with a fresh vanilla bean and lots of cream. Made the custard, put it in the fridge, then started on the sauce. I wanted to make fresh blueberry ripple ice cream, so using the kilo of fresh blueberries I got on the weekend, I added a little sugar and cooked a blueberry jam. Mashed up the blueberries a little and cooked on high heat. It tasted good. Froze the ice cream and then combined in beautiful purple swirls and stuck in the freezer for after dinner.

Assembling Dinner: leeks underneath, cheese on top, pastry nice and crispy

Dinner itself I decided that I wanted fresh leek, fetta and tomato flan. So made a cheese, wheatgerm flaky pastry, then did the leeks and the onions and baked it all into a big flan. Your dad didn’t seem happy that dinner was so late: 8:15 pm; but for me, it was the perfect timing between my last snack and an early bed (eating all day is just exhausting). Dessert of the blueberry swirl ice cream followed.

Yum, yum. I was famished all day, but managed to satisfy the hunger pains and keep myself occupied. Suffice to say I was replete at the end. And I didn’t do any bike riding ’cause I just didn’t have the time.


love mum


3 Responses to “eating frenzy”

  1. aunt3 Says:

    pictures of blueberries!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  2. aunt3 Says:


  3. Grandma Says:

    God! I’m exhausted just hearing about all that food. Sounds like a fabulous bloodstream coming your way Speck…
    By the by have been reading about exercises to keep brains healthy every day n thought you should have it here on record to refer to as you grow up with Mum n Dad
    1. eat dark chocolate (I guess there’s a bit of a daily limit on this but eat enjoying every suck)
    2. eat fish (especially deep ocean stuff- have to check out the metal issues but still..)
    3. go to new experiences n learn n summarise eg the beach n describe all the animals you saw in detail / the museum (but you won’t know what that is for a while)
    4. sleep well n wake rested
    5. use your other (less dominant) hand (and presumably foot)
    6. learn to play a new instrument
    7. memorise the words to a song (great one that one – I think we can work on lots of those together when you come out)
    8. walk barefoot on uneven surfaces
    9. play with balls (and frisbees no doubt)
    10. exercise
    11. turn down the volume on the radio / TV / ipod to the lowest volume you can still hear
    12 do something you can already do faster n better – challenge yourself!! (guess you’ll start with head n neck control n move onto rolling n crawling n all that fabulous stuff)

    Anyway, thinking of you.

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