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week 25! 102 days to go. I’m starting to think about things like whether to dispose, nappy system or just good old simple nappies? But mostly I’m still thinking about food. Figs this weekend. March 15, 2009

Heya Speck,

102 days till you’re slated to join us.  Apparently you’re just like a little baby inside my uterus – now you’re just getting bigger and bigger.  I’ve already put on 12-13 kg, so I expect I’m going to go above the averages as everything I’ve read tells me that you just grow a lot from now on.  I can still see my feet.  And I can still see my fanny.  Two things which will apparently disappear soon.   Well, disappear from my normal line of sight.  More ce la vie.  If I get bigger I get bigger. I’m hungry most of the time.  So I eat.  Not bad food, just a lot of it.  I figure you need it.

On the eating front – this weekend its fresh figs.

fresh figs

fresh figs

They are in season, so I bought a box.  Made fig ice cream yesterday, which tastes good but is all the wrong texture.  My ice cream maker (well, actually your grandmother K’s – I stole, I mean borrowed it years ago) has finally given up the ghost.  I’ve been contemplating buying a new one and keep wavering.  But after the fig ice cream taste being so good but texture so bad, I am convinced we need one.  For your sake too – homemade ice cream is sooo much better for you than bought stuff.  Not to mention the taste.  So I’m going to finally invest and buy one with an in-built compressor.  It is just too hot here in Australia to make any more than one batch in the variety that you bowl in the freezer.  And when I make ice cream or sorbet I generally want to make a bit at once.  If I have to do all those dishes, I may as well make it worth the effort.  Yay.   I am looking forward to a new one.  Maybe I can make your dad an ice cream cake for his birthday with at least three different flavours. That sounds like a plan.  You like ice cream too.  I can tell.  That’s why I want to eat it all the time.  More than normal even.  And fresh is better.  So ice cream maker purchase here I come.

fig ice cream

fig ice cream

What else? Well, I have been reading about nappies.  Its all too confusing.  I think I’d like to not use disposables all the time, so I started to look at the difference between plain old old-fashioned nappies, and the new washable nappy systems.   I am now just thoroughly confused.  Think I might buy some of both and see how it goes.  Or how you go. Who knows?  And how do you try to decide between the different brands without trying them?

Hope you’ve enjoyed the figs.  Tonight for dinner is fig, blue cheese, almond and rocket salad.  That is my plan anyhow.

love you



5 Responses to “week 25! 102 days to go. I’m starting to think about things like whether to dispose, nappy system or just good old simple nappies? But mostly I’m still thinking about food. Figs this weekend.”

  1. Mad Says:

    Sarah used reusables for Michael – I could ask which type if you want.

  2. Aysh Says:

    For the disposable component, just buy a huge packet of newborn Huggies (or 2). I tried several others and they just annoyed me.
    My sis-in-law Alli gave the flash new velcro-tabbed etc cloth ones a red hot go (6 mths or so) then gave in. There’s a whole debate re: environmental impact between the refuse accumulated from disposables vs the hardcore cleaning product needed for the cloth, so, hey – six of one… Don’t lose too much sleep over it. Try both. Disposables are good for when your out. x a

  3. Grandma Says:

    C’est la vie. C’est = it is or that is… Oh to remember more of French then this little fragment….

    Now, fig icecream. Seriously good. I believe I suggested to your mother we put in almonds and I didn’t actually see if she did put them in too; but who cares? It was yum!

    Nappies? Cloth nappies hosed off into the garden. Then washed in ordinary detergent after a bit of soaking. If they do wear out n you can buy new ones. Better for nappy rash etc. on delicate skin.
    My pennyworth for what it’s worth.

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