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goodness, is this a practice endurance workout? April 21, 2009

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Hello Speck!

I wrote this morning that you’d been active.  Well, was that an understatement.  Just a quick note to let you know that I think this has been your most active day ever.  You’ve been kicking and punching and generally rolling around in there for hours.  Are you bored?

I have been sitting at my desk tapping away on my computer and working, perhaps you’re just sick of staying still for so long?  At lunch I played the tap-tap game with you: where you kick, I tap, and then you return the tap with a kick, then I tap about 2cm away and then you kick there.  I got you kicking up near my lungs and down near my belly, all on the left side.  And you lasted for ages, about 9 or 10 taps.  Your previous record was about 4.  So stamina, concentration increasing it seems?

The other alternative is that you’re just getting so squished by now that you’re uncomfortable so you are incessantly moving to try to get comfy?

We will never know.

love you



One Response to “goodness, is this a practice endurance workout?”

  1. Grandma Says:

    Swimming practice. It’s all swimming practice. Grandma is waiting to take you swimming and you are just getting those hours of workout in so you can show off to her the very first time we plop your little body into some lovely salty water n let you squiggle n wriggle about. Trust we can get your Mum n Dad to come too n writhe about further out in the waves while I look after you. Bit of sun n surf n shade post birth. Sounds spectacular to me.
    Love Grandma

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