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goodness, is this a practice endurance workout? April 21, 2009

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Hello Speck!

I wrote this morning that you’d been active.  Well, was that an understatement.  Just a quick note to let you know that I think this has been your most active day ever.  You’ve been kicking and punching and generally rolling around in there for hours.  Are you bored?

I have been sitting at my desk tapping away on my computer and working, perhaps you’re just sick of staying still for so long?  At lunch I played the tap-tap game with you: where you kick, I tap, and then you return the tap with a kick, then I tap about 2cm away and then you kick there.  I got you kicking up near my lungs and down near my belly, all on the left side.  And you lasted for ages, about 9 or 10 taps.  Your previous record was about 4.  So stamina, concentration increasing it seems?

The other alternative is that you’re just getting so squished by now that you’re uncomfortable so you are incessantly moving to try to get comfy?

We will never know.

love you



your uncles are noisy April 21, 2009

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Hiya down there big Speck,

As your uncle Jacob said yesterday, you’re definitely not Speck-sized anymore. But we still persist in calling you Speck. Or sometimes baby.

Its been a bit of a mad-house around here for the past few days. Your Grandad M & R went to Europe on Saturday morning, so both your Uncles came to stay – Jake for the weekend and yesterday, and Josh is staying for a few weeks. So it was boys, boys, boys around the house. Lots of talk about farting and horrible things like that. And some crazed x-box playing with 3 people trying to kill each other simultaneously. And smelly. Well, more smelly in our house than normal. There was a slight rebalance of power on Saturday night when your Aunt 3, Aunt 2 & their partners came over for dinner too. But still a lot of boys. Everyone at the dinner except for Tim and I think think that you are a boy. They are all excited to meet you.

We didn’t get up to that much on the weekend. The uncles & your dad went for a few bike rides – to the city, to the movies etc. I’m not confident with my balance on my bike anymore as my stomach looks a bit like I swallowed a beach ball, so I drove to the city and met them on one outing. Then walked around Roma Street Parklands looking at the fountains, trees and fish for a while. After coming home your dad and I did a bit more sanding on your cot. Did you know that cots have lots of edges? All the bars have to be sanded on all four sides. It is taking a while. And I’m sure you won’t even notice. But we will.

You seemed to be up and about bright and early this morning and have been thumping around in there for hours without a break. I don’t know what you’re doing, but its causing a lot of movement. I now have limited lung capacity and no evidence of ribs whatsoever. Its all bump and then boobs. So it must be getting pretty squishy down there for you?

Hope you’re well.
love mum


week 30! omg 10 weeks to go. And Antenatal classes Mark #3. April 17, 2009

Hello Speck,

Its finally stopped raining for two days straight! Things inside the house are starting to feel like they are slowing drying out, but things like blankets still need an airing after the previous two weeks of torrential downpour. Apparently it is going to be the wettest April in 20 years. Twenty years ago I had just started high school and was alternately catching the train to school and trying to avoid puddles, and being taken down to the park before school by your Grandad M to fill big white buckets with as many Graceville Green Frog eggs as we could before the water levels of the flooded park went down again and they all died as little tadpoles.

So. You are due in 10 weeks. Well, 9 weeks and six days now, to be precise, or 69 days. Your dad and I walked up to the hospital last night for our third antenatal class. This one was with the physio again, and was about pain management and pain cycles, and birthing positions. We got to practice some and best of all we gave each other reciprocal massages. It was pretty good. Interestingly, we went around the room at one point and some of the men and some of the women had to say what they were most worried about. The men were all worried about knowing what to do on the day, what to do if something went wrong, and how to be the best support. The women unanimously said that they had been consciously putting-off thinking about or dealing with the birth itself too much. Which is exactly what I have been doing. Good-oh. Spot-on average. I do think though that the pregnancy hormones have something to do with this – its impossible to get too worried about anything for any length of time, the hormones kick in and I just feel like it will all work out somehow.

You were very quiet through the whole thing, but then on the walk home I was in quite a bit of pain again, I think it was those Braxton Hicks contractions again – my stomach just gets really really tight all over and a bit of back pain, and discomfort. It comes and goes. It abated after about 20 minutes. When we then went to bed you were the most active you’ve been in days. Lots of kicking, moving and pushing again.

Know that your dad and I are both thinking about you and feeling you down there.

love mum.