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Stinky Baby. Poogie Woogie. Little Numpty. Apu. September 20, 2009

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Hello Poogie Woogie,

give a boogie.

I just thought I’d let you know that the time is still flying by.  Another week has passed.   You’ve grown immensely again.   This week you rolled over for the first time – from your front to your back (Thursday).  Much to the delight of myself, J & J, who were visiting and cheering you on.  I suspect you rolled just to be able to better see the cheerers – you haven’t managed to do it again.   Though your dad and I have observed that you somehow seem to be able to inch your way across our bed until you are right in the middle when you’re put on the edge with us.   We end up all squished to one side.  And you can definitely turn from your back to your side, that has been happening for a while.  Just not yet from back to stomach.  But HOLD OFF.  We’re happy that you’re immobile for the moment.

feeding the baby - week 12

mum and poogie and mum's group - week 13

This week we ventured out to the park a lot for a few mums’ group meetings.  It is nice down in Orleigh Park at the moment – spring has sprung and there are some big trees in full bloom, the weather isn’t too hot yet, and its nice to watch the boats go by on the river.  You seem to like staring up from the blanket into the leaves of a ginormous fig tree we sit under.  And I enjoy being outside to.   I’m not looking forward to the next few months of hot hot weather when it gets uncomfortable to do that.

On the news front – big change for you and me coming up.  You know how I hurt my ankle when you were in my belly and need surgery? Well, the lack of ability to use the ankle really is an issue, I’m finding it hard to go up and down the back stairs, or any stairs really, when I’m carrying you.  Its almost impossible now that you’re 6.5 kg (wow – so big already!) to grab you with one hand and use the other to support myself on the rail, taking one step at a time when going down. The deciding factor for me was last weekend when I went swimming in the sea and realised that I still can’t push off the sand when in water to support myself against a strong current.  I need to be able to do that when we take you swimming in the sea when you’re a bit bigger.

So.  Your Aunt R is coming back from Japan/Brazil, and she’s kindly agreed to help A LOT, and your dad’s business is just starting so he isn’t committed 100% 0f the time yet, so in three weeks time I’m going to bite the bullet, and get the chop, so to speak.   I’m scared, and worried and scared and worried.  I worry about the surgery, but mostly I worry about afterwards and not being able to care for you.  I’ll be bed-bound for a week, then after that the next 3-4 weeks immobile in the house, then slowly starting to move with crutches after that but no weight bearing.  After 10-12 weeks I’ll be able to start weight-bearing practice and getting physio to rehabilitate myself.  Which all means that I’m not going to be able to care for you by myself.  I won’t be able to walk, let alone pick you up.

The decision to do it now is based also on the fact that it will be nigh impossible to get this done once you are mobile.  And I can’t put it off forever.  I want to be able to take you on bushwalks, and jump from stone to stone in streams, and swim in the ocean.   And run after you in games of chasey.    Currently limited and unsafe on my instable ankle.

I’ve run out of time! youre shouting at me .  can only type    with one hand

love mum

ps.  some photos from the last week

poogie in the red chair - week 13

poogie in the red chair - week 13

poogie in new hat

poogie in new hat

poogie reading

poogie reading

mum,  dad and poogie

mum, dad and poogie

fatso cow baby

fatso cow baby

boobie baby

boobie baby

P.P.S. Oh yeah, and your current nicknames are Stinky Baby, Poogie Woogie, Little Numpty and Apu.


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  1. Janelle Says:

    I just love all the nicknames! Your family is adorable and I love the boobie onsie! lol!

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