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Your first food: Avocado November 1, 2009

Hello Poogie,

Well, look out whomever gets the next nappy ’cause you had your first non-breastmilk meal ever today!  Your dad did it on the sly, you just shared some of our lunch with us.  Your dad had made a nice platter of things to snack on for lunch:

the first supper - our lunch platter ...

the first supper – our lunch platter …

and decided that your first food would be avocado from our lunch platter.  So a bit of avocado mashed up on his finger served as your first taste of non-breastmilk food.  And you were stunned.  You turned your head up and looked up at him with your mouth open for a good two minutes or more.   As if to say,

“what are you doing to me? It’s not bad, I don’t think.  I’m just very confused.  Not at all sure what to do.  I’ll just stare at you, maybe you’ll give me a clue?”.

Your dad made munching or eating noises and movements with his mouth, and eventually, you tried to close your mouth and follow suit.

avocado eating from dad's finger

avocado eating from dad’s finger

And after the first bit, which stayed in your mouth for quite some time, you started to swallow.  And seemed to enjoy it.  You then actually started seeking-out avocado-laden fingers and pulling them into your mouth.

avocado eating - more

searching for the avocado with your mouth

I don’t know how much you actually ate, but you definitely swallowed some, and looked very contented afterwards.  And were very tired.  So then you had a big sleep.



Next time you’re getting Farex though.  Farex (rice meal) with boobie juice mixed in.  I suspect you won’t like it as much as avocado.

Happy Eating.  Welcome to my favourite pasttime!

love mum


3 Responses to “Your first food: Avocado”

  1. Grandma Says:

    Hey there Oscar— You look so delightful, very serious and just a tiny hint of a smile glimmering in one little bright blue eye.Avocado eh? Not bad stuff. There’s a whole world out there waiting for you.
    PS Tell your Mum to put up a few photos of your Aunt Reegie who has been helping so much with you the last couple of weeks. She should be celebrated here too.
    Anyway, off to work. By the way, did you like coming to your Grandma’s big book launch and art show the other Saturday? I reckon you were stonkered by it all and passed out as soon as you got home. I’ve still got some paintings in my house for a week or so afterwards so my ‘ballroom’ still looks like an art gallery.
    Hugs to you and Mum and Dad and Reegie.

  2. vegancowgirl Says:

    omg he is so sweet!

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