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Learning to eat is a messy business November 24, 2009

Hi Poogie,

head to foot. That is how covered you were in banana and yoghurt mixture yesterday. You like to try to feed yourself with the spoon. I let you. Most goes everywhere.

baby eating

baby eating – a messy business

You had a bath afterwards.

But not before you’d got it in your nose, hair, eyes.

the spread of food. But you ate a lot

the spread of food. But you ate a lot

Yes, that’s right. The eyes. That made you cry a bit. And note to myself: banana yoghurt is almost like glue and difficult to remove from eyes and eyelashes. Especially when you have a squirmy baby…

messy eating baby

in the eyes with the food

love you

p.s. note the fat rolls in the photos. above the nappy. nice one. “baby bacon” according to your dad.


3 Responses to “Learning to eat is a messy business”

  1. aysh Says:

    Aww, but he looks like he was having so much fun! x

  2. vegancowgirl Says:

    Awesome! He gets cuter every week! Him and Aodhan could be twins in the food forays department. He is more capable of covering the table then getting it in his mouth. I am loving it….though his dad is amazed at just how messy it is….I am going to us this post to prove it isn’t just our baby!

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