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Happy (1/2) Birthday to you, Happy (1/2) Birthday to you, Happy (1/2) Birthday dear Poogie December 20, 2009

Hello Little Munchkin,

Happy HALF birthday!

Today to-the-day six months ago you were squirming your way through the birth canal and I was vocalising my quite large lungs out in the birthing suite at the Mater Hospital. I’m amazed that the time has passed so quickly, and that you seem to have survived your dad and my parenting for six months without suffering any majorly noticeable strange physical or mental effects.

(Aside: Though the doctor when examining you this week did comment on how stubborn you seemed.  “Is he normally this stubborn?” was her question in response to your repeated attempts to eat her finger then her stethescope, and not be dissuaded by anyone, nor distracted by anything else. Sure meant taking your vitals was a bit harder than normal.  Well, there wasn’t much chance of that character trait not getting passed down.)

you’re gorgeous

So.  You’re still a little gorgeous one. When you first came out of the womb, you looked like this:

Fresh from the womb - first photo of you

Fresh from the womb – first photo of you

You’ve grown somewhat over the six months.  Funnily.  I still can’t believe how much.  This week you weighed in at 7.8 something kilos.  Heavy like a brick.

somewhat bigger today at six months!

somewhat bigger today at six months!

We had a very chilled-out celebration of this big milestone.  You practiced laughing a lot, did a lot of rolley polley on the bed with your dad and I, and we took some photos

Celebrating Six Months - the three of us in the mirror

Celebrating Six Months – the three of us in the mirror

and had some great play-time:

mum play time

mum play time


Happy Birthday darling, and a big self-congratulatory hug to both myself and your dad for getting this far.

Love and kisses

P.S. And if you’re reading this, leave a comment to Poogie to pass on your wishes personally!


6 Responses to “Happy (1/2) Birthday to you, Happy (1/2) Birthday to you, Happy (1/2) Birthday dear Poogie”

  1. Grandma Says:

    Dear Oscar,

    Just to remind you that we believe your nickname ‘poogie’ means kiss in Irish and that’s how we love you. You are a little kiss and the photo of your Mum and Dad and you in the mirror looks the way we always hope you feel together.

    Xmas is coming fast like a train, a racing bike, a storm-sped cloud, a stream of ants for sugar…… trust it’s going to be a good one.


  2. aunt R 1 Says:

    Happy half birthday, fatty!! One of your books now has extra special meaning to you! Sorry I couldn’t play with you much on your half birthday – I promise I will poke you lots when I am not working crazy non-human hours xo

  3. rakster Says:

    Facebook Messages:
    Ayesh: Happy 1/2 Birthday dear little one! Well done M & D! x a

  4. rakster Says:

    Facebook Messages:
    Adele Cheng Gordon
    Happy mid term Oscar! Thought you would havecracked the 8kg by now.

  5. rakster Says:

    Facebook Messages:
    Happy 6months to the entire family 🙂 AWESOME EFFORT! xxx

  6. Janelle Says:

    Happy Happy Happy 6 months! What a beautiful baby, congratulations to the whole family!

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