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Yep. Allergic to Amoxil. And some cute talking practice December 29, 2009

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Hello Little One,

So.  It wasn’t Miss Polly’s dolly who was sick yesterday, but you.  The doctor came, with a big bag but sans hat, and he only wrote on the paper for a bill bill bill not for any pills pills pills.   He did however shake his head very vigorously, and told us that yes, you are allergic to Amoxil, and that given that it could be quite serious implied we should have stopped the medication a lot sooner.  So now we know what an allergic reaction from medication looks like, we’ll be sure to stop it sooner next time.   (Note – again, bad parent of the day award to mum.  Though I did specifically ask the pharmacist what to look for in an allergic reaction as I’m allergic to it too, and he told me redness around the mouth and swelling in which case to take you straight to emergency, and that wasn’t the reaction you had).

Anyway, all appears to be ok now, you’re happy and the ear infection has apparently abated.

You’ve been busy practising talking.  Current favourite seems to be a close approximation of what I’d expect a teradactyl to sound like.  Haven’t got that on film yet, but have got some squawks:

Poogie – practising talking

Love you



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