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Crawling Baby Ahoy! January 1, 2010

And the new year heralds…. a CRAWLING baby!


Oh my goodness!

Two days ago you were starting to lift your bottom into the air. Now it is all on – forward movement at will.

First disaster – you crawled to the doors of the new wardrobes as they are full mirrors (and who doesn’t love looking at themselves), and when you’d got there managed to slide them open. Which was fine. It was then when you pulled all of my shoes out and started to eat them that I started to realise how UN-BABY-SAFE our whole house is!

your dad is currently at the hardware store trying to devise a method of screening off the back stairs so you don’t go tumbling down them.

you are six months old and growing up FAST!

happy crawling lovely


5 Responses to “Crawling Baby Ahoy!”

  1. Sal Says:

    You’re in trouble now!


  2. Janelle Says:

    Oh wow he’s grown so quickly! It seems like yesterday I was reading your post about his first smiles to you singing “Old MacDonald.” I was thinking about that post today because I bought a children’s songbook and that song was in it. I just can’t believe how quickly time passes by. Enjoy the crawling stage! 😀

    • rakster Says:

      It is crazy. I was looking through ‘old’ photos today and realised how much things have changed and how quickly!

      Enjoy the Old MacDonald… 🙂

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