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A carrot intolerance? …and I’m tired… February 14, 2010

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Hello Little Poogie,

I’m tired. We’ve had a busy week. You definitely have a carrot allergy/intolerance. How we tested this? Your dad cooked you a chicken stew & forgetting about the previous carrot episode, put carrot in it. Innocous, you’d think. Well I guess I’m surprised.

Your reaction? Well, you loved the stew. Ate a HUGE bowl of it for breakfast on Friday morning. Slept, woke up a bit whingey and clingy and then bam. It hit. Vomit everywhere. Multiple times. It was heartbreaking to watch as you weren’t distressed by the vomiting itself, but as the hours passed and you were still vomiting you just got exhausted to the point where you couldn’t stay awake but couldn’t sleep either. I had to stay near you, so we lay in our bed where you continued to vomit everywhere. I tried to soak it up with towels, but it was voluminous. So it soaked through. Ce la vie.

You finally passed out and I put you in your cot for a rest but stayed in the room while you dozed and came in and out of sleep to retch more. It was worse than last time – I guess ’cause you ate so much stew. Bile it was. Again, I tried to give you a little breastmilk, but after the first time, where I only let you feed for one minute, you just didn’t have the energy.

“Here we go, a visit to the hospital coming up!” was just what I was thinking when finally in the late afternoon you seemed to look a little less green and managed to keep a minute of breastmilk down and manage a smile. I was almost sick with relief myself.

All in time for your dad to get home from work to you looking reasonably ok and me doing five loads of laundry and re-mopping the floors.

Since then your sleep has been more disrupted than normal and I’ve just had an afternoon nap as I’ve been up multiple times each night and am exhausted. Just bone weary.

You seem to have recovered (though I note that the stew seemed to come out both ends rather undigested).


Who would have thought: cooked carrot???

love mum


5 Responses to “A carrot intolerance? …and I’m tired…”

  1. […] days ago? Me. You know about the whole carrot intolerancething? Well, I went to cook more food for you and found the freezer cubes we use to freeze your food […]

  2. SS Says:

    I’m intolerant to carrots. Evil things. I get cramping, bloating and then the shts. I tend to have a worse reaction to cooked carrots but they all give me problems. I’ve heard people who are allergic/intolerant will go orange if they have too much carrot juice, and me being the inquisitive one is DYING to try it. Trouble is it probably would ‘kill’ me!

    • rakster Says:

      I have actually seen a friend who had a carotene build-up and went pretty orange!! (though for the life of me I can’t remember what caused the buildup and why she didn’t notice/seek assistance before it got really severe…)

  3. Mel Says:

    Well after searching the internet for information on what I am thinking may be a carrot intolerance in my 19 month old, I find your blog! Read further and discover you are from Brisbane! I may live in the UK now, but I am a Brisbanite through and through.
    A great read and maybe reassuring that I wasn’t going mad at the idea that my boy might not be reacting so well to carrots.

    • rakster Says:

      Yes, I’ve heard and read after thinking we had a carrot intolerance that it is relatively common. Well, if not common, then certainly not unheard of. Luckily, we’ve reintroduced carrots over time, and now O is 16 months, he is fine with non-cooked carrots. Though as he doesn’t have that many teeth he really doesn’t eat much in terms of quantity. We still stay clear of cooked carrots. And the raw ones I peel well to make sure we remove any of the chemicals that are used on some of them…

      Funny about being from Brisvegas too!

      Yes, so you’re not mad, lots of people have it.

      I’ve been holding off on allergy tests as from what our paedeatrician says a lot of children are intolerant to things but grow out of them, so I figured we’d wait until he was three or more (unless of course he has any more severe intolerant reactions to other things) and then get some testing done..

      Good luck with yours!

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