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Eating is a messy business. April 15, 2010

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It’s somewhat circular isn’t it.  Eating is messy when you’re young, when you’re really old, and not as much fun in between. We’re just too polite to really get as messy as it should be sometimes.

You enjoyed your pasta for dinner tonight.  I can tell. Which is good as the doctor is a bit worried about your weight…

Pasta-clad babe

You refuse to be spoon-fed. So pasta you feed yourself. Not sure how exactly you managed to spread so much everywhere, but you ate it all!

I told her that you eat a lot and seem to enjoy your food most of the time (as above). Her concern is because despite your appetite you’ve only put on 300gm over the past three months. A plateau. Some people have told me this can happen to breastfed babies. The doctor is not overly worried, ’cause developmentally you’re a-ok. But she’ll do some tests when you’re a year old if you’re still not gaining weight at the rate they expected.

In the meantime you’re still interested in eating lots. You’re not at all interested in being fed, you have to do it yourself, so it’s an all-body experience.

love mum

P.S. Tomato-based pasta with spinach, hommus for added protein, zucchini, mushroom, and I forget what else. Oh yeah, a bit of vege sausage.

P.P.S. In addition to carrots (the dreaded intolerant reaction), you’re currently off dairy like yoghurt & ricotta cheese as you don’t seem to cope well with that digestively. So we’ve increased avocado and a few other things to boost fat intake. …


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  1. gret Says:

    the pasta sauce brings out his ranganess even more. ha ha

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