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Sydney Sydney – and a snot-nosed punk July 22, 2010

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Well, hello!

You have turned into a snot-faced runny nose punk kid. You know the ones you see in the street and the park and the supermarket and try hard to avoid as they smear snot from their nose across their face, on their clothes and then on anything else that comes within reaching distance? And you wonder why they had to go out at all. Then you realise that their parents still needed food, needed a walk, they needed a play….

Yes, well that is you.

Thankfully you seem to be just sniffly, and apart from Tuesday night when you were a bit sick, it’s just a lot of show – lots of runny nose, not much else. Runny nose like niagra falls in fact. I’ve been trying to wipe it but you really don’t like me doing it (I don’t blame you) and it really is voluminous.

(as an aside, I knew you were going to pick up an illness from childcare just before we came on holidays. Ce la vie).

So. We made it to Sydney! I made it with you, in one piece, with all of our luggage! Woo hoo! You breastfed up on the plane, and down on the plane, so despite having a cold you were fine with the whole thing. You seemed to like the perspective of looking down at the houses and the city as we took off and landed. The rest of the time you were just interested in eating a huge bowl of sultanas and pomegranate seeds I’d bought for you as fast as you could.

We haven’t taken any photos at all, as it has been raining, so carrying you around with a nappy bag and stuff and more stuff in the cold and the rain hasn’t made for photo opportunities. I’ll fill you in: you’ve had a rip snot-snorting good time. We’ve met Avebury, and Southerley and another baby. We’ve been to look at Mummy and Daddy’s old house. We’ve been to three parks. We’ve seen the harbour. We’ve been to lunch at Mummy’s work – where you terrorised people from under their desks…

Me? Did you ask? No? Well, I’ll answer anyways. It’s still a holiday, but not quite as relaxing when I have to do everything for you. It’s nice to be out of our house and somewhere different. I’ve coped by eating lots of cheese and just relaxing and not worrying about being early/late whatever.

You get to hang out with your Aunt R1 tomorrow as she arrives tonight so I can go to work tomorrow…. So you may have more adventures yet.

love and kisses mum

P.S. and of course, most importantly, you’ve had some big plays with Auntie Shefali and enjoyed her hospitality. You’ve repaid this kindness by assisting in the home renovation / decoration department: adding texture to the walls and highlights to the suede couch, that kind of tasteful thing…



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  1. Grandma Kaye Says:

    So Oscar…..lots of gunk up the spout. Eerrkk! I remember vividly critical incidents of same with Aunty Rhyan in the surf at around 8 years old – surfacing innocently from under a wave with a string of enormous length dangling to the knees it seems in my no doubt exaggerated memory. Family tradition?
    Amyway, I need some photos so job your mother’s hand on the camera button n get a few, will you? Life up here is a tad boring as it’s Friday arvo n there’s paper all over my desk n some I can’t even find to do – whch in its own way is even worse as I’ll have to do it

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